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Laila Hishaw, left, and Priya Y. Abramian, right, are the owners of Tucson Smiles Pediatric Dentistry.  There are three offices, all of which provide services to children and teens ages one to 18.

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Striving to provide the best dental health care for their young patients, Pediatric Dentists Laila Hishaw and Priya Y. Abramian, own the three dental offices for Tucson Smiles Pediatric Dentistry.

Tucson Smiles’ three locations are on North La Cholla Boulevard, South Houghton Road and North Swan Road.  The first building opened in 2003 on North La Cholla Boulevard, and at the time was only owned by Hishaw.  It wasn’t until the opening of their second office in Rita Ranch that Abramian joined ownership, which was in 2009.

Hishaw attended the University of Missouri-Kansas City where she graduated with a doctorate in dental surgery with an emphasis in pediatric dentistry. After finishing her two-year residency in Texas, Hishaw moved to Tucson in 2002 to join her husband who at the time was doing his medical residency.  A year later, she opened her own dental business and at the time was the only female pediatric dentist in all of Tucson.

Abramian finished her doctorate degree in dental surgery from the University of Texas Health Science Center and completed her two-year residency in Texas as well.  In 2006, she moved to Tucson to join her husband who was already living there.  A couple years later, Abramian became business partners with Hishaw and ended up expanding their one building business to two.

Now having opened three offices, Hishaw and Abramian keep busy by rotating throughout the week to the different locations.  At each office they make sure their patients are well cared for and are continually being educated on how to take care of their children’s teeth.

“We treat the patients as if they were our own,” said Hishaw, who like Abramian, has young children of her own. “We make sure to involve the parents, which they really appreciate and make sure that the kids have a good experience when they come in as well. One example is that when the kids sit down to get their teeth checked they can wear sunglasses and their favorite thing when they finish is they get a bouncy ball. The kids love it.”

Tucson Smiles’ services include regular check ups for teeth cleaning, dental filling, root canals, space maintainers and more. Prices vary according to what needs to be done for the patient. They see children as young as age one all the way up to age 18.  Hishaw and Priya encourage parents to have established a dental home for their child by their first birthday.

Even with continual growth in their three offices, the mission of Tucson Smiles has not changed.

“We want the families to have a positive experience and we truly do what is best for their child and make sure to recommend what they need,” said Abramian. “We chose to see kids and have a lot of patience with them, so it takes the stress off the parents and they’re appreciative of that.”

Tucson Smiles is open Monday through Friday.


Tucson Smiles Pediatric dentistry


Laila Hishaw, DDS

Priya Y. Abramian, DDS

Board Certified Pediatric Dentistry


5920 N. La Cholla Blvd., Suite 110

Tucson, AZ 85741




Hours vary, call ahead (open Mon-Fri)

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