Pet Doctor, which was started by Dr. Harrison Nelson, is a new veterinary clinic that opened in January. The new clinic offers full veterinary services. 

Their services include spay and neuter, dental services, vaccinations, health checkups and more. Their primary service is spay and neuter for dogs and cats – a service that helps pets live healthier, reduced aggressive behavior and reduces the chance of cancer. 

Pet Doctor is one of a few veterinary clinics that offers this service.

Even though Nelson was the person who initially put a team together to open Pet Doctor, the clinic is 100 percent owned by the employees. Harrison has been practicing for 35 years and started his first veterinary job in Tucson at Blue Cross Animal Hospital – the first animal hospital to offer emergency service. 

He eventually purchased the hospital and ran it for 25 years under the name of Animal Medical Clinic. He also worked as the first full-time veterinarian in the spay and neuter clinic at the Humane Society.

Pet Doctor also helps dog and cat rescues throughout Tucson. One that they have partnered with is Smiling Dog Rescues, a non-profit charity organization, that helps reduce the number of homeless and abandoned dogs in Tucson. 

The organization was started in January 2007 and has rescued numerous dogs through the help of veterinary clinics, such as Pet Doctor, foster homes and rescue volunteers.

“I’ve worked with them for several years,” said Nelson. “We offer spay and neuter and vaccinations for many rescue groups in Tucson. I think we have close to a dozen we are helping.”

Since opening, Pet Doctor has had a consistent flow of clients. The clinic has offered discounts on spay, neuter and dental services since opening. In April, they will offer the same services for 20 percent off. 

“It’s been very exciting. We’re just trying to introduce ourselves to the general area,” said Nelson. “It has worked really well. I enjoy both helping our patients – that’s probably my favorite part. I also enjoy helping the clients.”

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