Village Bakehouse

With a variety of pastries and coffee, Village Bakehouse is one of the best.

Hannah McLeod

Village Bakehouse thrives in the Northwest

7882 N. Oracle Rd.


The aroma of brewed coffee and freshly baked pastries attracts customers to Village Bakehouse on a regular basis. And, that attraction turns into pleased customers, with the Village Bakehouse being voted as one of the best coffee houses and bakeries in The Explorer’s “Best of the Northwest” poll.

Owner Paulette Griggs believes customers like the comfortable home-like feel, the quality of food, and the staff.

“There is no rushing and the staff is genuinely nice,” said Griggs. “We also make everything from scratch.”

Breads and pastries are baked every morning from scratch by employees with no experience in baking to those with years of culinary practice.  A focus of Village Bakehouse is to provide fresh baked goods and quality service to their customers.

“I analyze everything because I want to know how to make things better,” said Griggs. “One thing is I try not to change our prices unless I absolutely have to because customers don’t like the change.”

Griggs started working at Village Bakehouse when it first opened in Tucson in 1996.  In 2002, she took ownership along with the help of her husband, Bruce.  What once started as a small bakery menu has grown to a bakery that offers coffee, sandwiches, and pastries.

“People kept wanting more, so we got more,” said Griggs.

Even amongst other competitors, Village Bakehouse has kept its reputation high through quality food, service, and by interacting daily with their customers.  

“We used to call out people’s names for orders, but it would get confusing at times,” said Griggs. “We now bring the food to them, which I think they like a lot better.”

Griggs hopes to expand the store and is always looking for other areas that the business can improve.  As for being named finalists, Griggs humbly gives credit to her staff.

“It’s a nice recognition,” said Griggs. “But we don’t boast and brag and I am so proud of everyone who works here.”

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