Best Breakfast

Tina Moreno, Advertising Account Rep.

Jerry Bob’s FamilyRestaurant

Not only is the food great, but the staff has a long-standing relationship with the community. The community knows them as well. You can call them by name, they always greet you with a smile. You always have a warm and friendly experience with Jerry Bob’s.

Best bakery

Grace Heike, Advertising Account Rep.

Village Bakehouse

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or something yummy for the family or to take to a friend, I can always count on Village Bakehouse. Fresh & fast or taking orders, the staff is pleasant and ready to help. You know those cookies that are frosted and decorated......I can’t put those into words. If you haven’t tried Village Bakehouse (you must be new to the area!) go see what you have been missing.

Best Pizza

Chris Flora, Reporter

Mama’s Pizza

Sorry to all of the Papa John’s and Papa Murphy’s out there- but nobody makes pizza as deliciously as Mama’s does.

Mama’s Famous Pizza & Heroes has been in Tucson since 1980, and for its duration, has continued to provide patrons with a product that could no doubt compete at a national level.

Best Happy Hour

Randy Metcalf, Writer/Photographer

Thunder Canyon Brewery

When it comes to getting good quality beers, along with being able to buy and drink local, my choice would be Thunder Canyon Brewery. From 7 p.m. to close, Sunday through Wednesday, TCB offers $2.50 pints of its personally brewed beer. If you are a member of the brewery’s mug club, Tuesdays are the day to stop by with $3 mug fill-ups all day long. TCB’s award-winning beers range from malty ambers to hoppy IPAs, and from dark and creamy stouts to sweet and light fruit beers.

Best Hamburger

Deacon Drawdy, Multimedia Account Executive

Thunder Canyon Brewery

And the winner is the …BURMIESTER at Thunder Canyon Brewery in the Foothills Mall. Great atmosphere combined with an awesome view on the patio makes me a happy guy when the wife and kiddo are out shopping. The Burmiester is topped with a bevy of toppings including the TCB dip mixed with artichokes, parmesan, scallions & sour cream. This gourmet delight is a king in the comfort food category especially without a bun for all of you pure protein and gluten free folks like myself.

Best lunch under $7

Ryan Kedzierski, Publisher

Taco Bell & Eegees

I have two favorites – Taco Bell and Eegees. You have to love the price, and I love my options for what I can get for my money.

Best Carpet/Floor cleaning

Jaime Hood, Business Manager

All In One Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet, Tile and Upholstery Cleaning

12251 N. New Dawn Ave.


All in One Carpet Cleaning is a local, family owned and operated company that actually does what it says. They show up on time, they do a great job, they are tidy and polite. What else could you ask for? Oh yes, and they are very reasonably priced.

Best Dentist

Vicki McFarland, Classified Ad Rep.

Dr. Steven Smith, DDS

Who wants to go to the dentist? I would rather take a ride down a dusty road? If you must, my “Best of the Northwest” pick is Dr. Steven Smith, DDS of Dental Dimensions, 7467 N. Oracle Road.

Pleasant staff, modern treatment rooms with the latest equipment, everything explained and all questions answered before moving on. Where your health and comfort comes first. I’m not just calling my dentist, I am calling my neighbor and health partner.

Best Chiropractor

Brandon Hays, Production Manager

Tompkins Family Chiropractic

Dr. Tompkins is very professional, thorough, attentive, great with kids, and his staff makes us feel like family when we walk in the office. I also like that he volunteers, and does his part for the community.

Best Retirement Community

Sheryl Kocher, Receptionist


On State Route 77/Oracle Rd.

Nestled in the foothills of the Catalina mountains, SaddleBrooke is the Best Retirement Community in the Northwest. SaddleBrooke offers scenic views and all of the amenities that an over 55 active adult could desire including golf, tennis, fitness centers, pools, restaurants, a theater, libraries, and clubs and activities from adventure to zumba.

Best Grocery Store

Thelma Grimes, Managing Editor

Trader Joe’s

Multiple locations

My favorite place to shop is Trader Joe’s. I love the variety. The spaghetti sauce there is cheaper than a regular grocery store, and tastes 10 times better. They have different kinds of snack foods such as the Trader Joe’s Crunchy Curls to the Vegetable sticks. It’s small, cozy and a great place for the family.

Best Fitness Class

Kate Long, Bookkeeping

OV Parks & Rec tennis for adults

The love the instruction, encouragement and fun workout all wrapped up in a one hour tennis lesson, instructed by George Pensky.

Best gym

Yaron Yarden, Senior Graphic Designer

Platinum Fitness (formerly Gold’s Gym)

7315 N. Oracle Rd.


My favorite gym is Gold’s Gym — now Platinum Fitness. I like it best because it’s a work-out gym, not a socializing gym. People come there to work hard, not to play.

It’s also roomy and there are plenty of machines, especially cardiomachines, where you barely ever have to wait for a free one.

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