Warmly lit and accented with purple fluorescent lights, Halo Hair Salon gives a relaxing and neatly decorated area for its clients to come and get their hair colored, cut, or styled.

Owner Brianna Coroscil opened the salon in May 2013 with the desire to create an environment where people could come and enjoy getting their hair done by friendly, high-quality hairdressers – and that is exactly the type of place she has created. 

“When you walk in here, everyone is happy and happy to see you,” said Coroscil. “I think we have a really good vibe here. We are here to serve the clients and make them happy.”

Coroscil started learning how to style and cut hair in her sophomore year of high school. After petitioning to the school board, Coroscil was eventually allowed to attend beauty school and by the end of her junior year she was working at Gadabout where she stayed until finishing high school. From there, Coroscil went on to work at a few different salons where she either rented out a booth or held a managers position. After a while though, Coroscil knew she needed to fulfill her dream and start her own business.

“I decided to take the leap of faith and that was it,” said Coroscil. “It was kind of a ‘meant to be’ situation.”

Coroscil and her friend co-owned their own business for four months, but due to multiple disagreements, the two parted ways. Within a few years, a location opened in the Safeway Vistoso Shopping Center and Coroscil took it. With the help of her family, she remodeled and redesigned the entire place to her liking.

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