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Dr. Emil Tompkins, with Tompkins Family Chiropractic, makes an adjustment on a client.  

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Utilizing Technology

7620 N. Hartman Ln.,

Ste. 124-2


It didn’t take Dr. Emil Tompkins, of Tompkins Chiropractic, long to realize mechanical engineering, his first topic of study in college, wasn’t for him.

Tompkins turned to the health field, but it wasn’t until he received a letter from a chiropractic college that his interest in the specific field peaked. While chiropractics was an unfamiliar field for Tompkins, he was sold after he witnessed someone’s life change before his eyes while he was shadowing a professional chiropractor during his second semester of college.

It was then that a mother brought in her two-month-old baby, Claire, who never cried or made typical baby noises, and who had difficulty moving one of her arms. With one minor adjustment by the chiropractor, that all changed.

Claire soon stopped crying and opened her eyes and mouth, and out came the baby noises so adored by mothers. It wasn’t long before Claire was making use of both her arms and lifting her head.

“It was an amazing experience,” said Tompkins. “She kind of got her life back, and that’s my goal here. We really focus on making sure what we are doing is having a positive impact on our patients’ lives.”

For the last eight years, Tompkins has been fulfilling his dream of helping people heal in a natural method, free of drugs, surgery or other types of intervention that he said are sometimes excessive.

Tompkins Chiropractic offers a soothing atmosphere with a friendly staff, and makes use of modern technology to provide precise and thorough information leading into spinal adjustments. Using a computer, Tompkins is able to measure electrical activity and heat along both sides of the spine to determine neurological functionality.

Tompkins Chiropractic focuses on helping patients recover fully from beginning to end, offering not only spinal adjustments, but traction equipment and exercises to stabilize the adjustments.

“We are very thorough in everything we do,” said Tompkins. “I can put anyone on the table and feel things and make some movements and make things feel better, but we need to understand what’s really going on inside if we’re actually going to make any lasting, permanent changes.”

Tompkins caters to a large number of children each year, and even offers neurological work for kids with Attention Deficit Disorder and autism.

“We find ourselves being a slightly different office than the typical chiropractic office you will see,” said Tompkins.

While patients of Tompkins are lucky to have such an experienced and thorough chiropractor, the Town of Marana is equally privileged to have Tompkins as a member of the community. In 2011, Tompkins Chiropractic won the Community & Business Builder of the Year award. Winning over the community, in The Explorer’s 2012 “Best of the Northwest” poll, Tompkins won for best Chiropractic services.

Each year, Tompkins hosts several events to help children and families in need, including a Christmas toy drive and a Thanksgiving food giveaway, where about 140 boxes of food were donated to families in Marana. Tompkins also looks forward to continuing back-to-school events to help children with supplies necessary for the classroom.

“From the start, we’ve been committed to making sure our corner of the world is better than it was when we got here,” said Tompkins.

Despite his generosity, Tompkins takes a very humble approach to his involvement.

“It’s not me,” he said. “I just have the spot. It’s the people who do the donating. The awards don’t change what we do. We’re always going to be working on making our town a better place to live, not that it isn’t a great place already.”

Tompkins Chiropractic is located at 7620 N. Hartman Lane. For more information, visit

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