Hiremath Family Dentistry

Satish Hiremath first opened the family dentist offices more than 20 years ago, and remains a strong advocate for community.

Hannah McLeod/Explorer intern

Hiremath Family Dentistry keeping the Northwest smiling

750 Pusch View Ln., Ste. 100



It’s no mystery that no one enjoys going to the dentist. For almost 20 years, Satish Hiremath has been aiming to reverse that mentality, and as a winner of The Explorer’s “Best of the Northwest,” and previous Community Leader of the Year award winner, it appears he has succeeded.

When entering Hiremath Family Dentistry, first-time patients might be caught off-guard by the intricate wall murals, the children’s playroom, or the sports memorabilia, but there’s no need to double-check the address- you’re in the right place.

As the name suggests, Hiremath Family Dentistry aims to serve the needs of each member of the family by combining years of expertise in a light-hearted, jitter-free atmosphere.  

Hiremath attributes much of his business’ success to community involvement, having sponsored Oro Valley’s 4th of July fireworks events, and for the last six years, the Oro Valley Holiday Parade.

Additionally, around the time the 2008 recession hit, Hiremath Dentistry performed $484,000 worth of unbilled work, and $230,000 of unbilled work as recently as last year.

“Those are the types of things we like to do, that we want to continue doing,” said Hiremath. “We’ve been very fortunate because we’ve had a big patient base that’s supported what we do in the community. Without them, we wouldn’t have the income to support things like that.”

With the demographic in Oro Valley continuing to change, Hiremath has adapted his by implementing the children’s playroom and children’s operating rooms.

“There are about 8,000 school kids in Oro Valley,” said Hiremath. “Taking your child to a specialist outside of a general practitioner is about one-and-a-half to two times more expensive, and that’s one of the reason we added these rooms.”

Each August, Hiremath Family Dentistry offers children from kindergarten through 12th grade free back-to-school exams, saving parents money in a poor economy.

The recent addition of Pediatrics Dentist Elizabeth Katz fits the mold perfectly, and broadens the office’s services to include interceptive orthodontics.

 Katz, who previously worked at El Rio Community Health Center, has been with Hiremath Family Dentistry for about a month.  

“I love it here,” she said. “I like the family feeling, and the individual attention I am able to give each patient without feeling like I have a time constraint.”

The office also adheres to the mature patient as well, offering five adult operating rooms and a staff that doesn’t play around when it comes to providing quality service. Hiremath said above all, his office is successful because of its “do unto others” principle.

“As silly as it sounds, we really focus on service,” he said. “We don’t nickel and dime our patients. There are only two things people know- are you nice to them and do you hurt them? One without the other is no good. What we try to ask is how we would want to be treated.”

When the office closes for the day, Hiremath can likely be found in the Oro Valley Council Chambers, where he serves as the community’s mayor. Hiremath said generally, mixing politics and business is risky, as many controversial political decisions can negatively affect a customer base. In his case, however, Hiremath feels his job as mayor is beneficial to his business.

“My saving grace is since I’ve been in the community since June of 1990, we grew up in the community, and am so heavily vested in the community, I think people truly believe I want to do the right thing for the community,” he said.

As a finalist in The Explorer’s public-based poll, it appears Hiremath’s belief is well merited.

Hiremath Family Dentistry is located at 750 Pusch View Lane, Suite 100. More information on services offered can be found on www.hiremathfamilydentistry.net.

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