With about 40 different brands of denim, Loop Jean Company has one of the largest selections of premium quality jeans in southern Arizona.

Recognized for its quality of customer service, owners Ted and Tamara Greve like to spend 30 to 45 minutes the first time a shopper comes into the store, though customers are more than welcome to peruse the lines of clothing on their own.

With this time, employees who are well versed in the numerous styles and designs that each brand offers, find what jeans are the most flattering on each person. This insures that the tapering is done correctly, the cut across one’s backside fits and forms to the curvature correctly, and most importantly, the customer is happy with them.

But the couple’s business didn’t start overnight.

Loop Jean Company opened its doors at Casa’s Adobes Plaza in 2008, about two weeks before the economy began to crash. For the next five years, Ted and Tamara worked in the store from open to close, seven days a week. No breaks or vacations – just work.

“We genuinely, sincerely love what we do. We really do,” Ted said. 

Saying he doesn’t have other talents such as singing or dancing, Ted said this business is his and his wife’s creative outlet finding, fitting and matching their customers with the best pair of jeans for their body.

“The biggest error a woman makes when she is buying jeans is she is looking in the mirror to see the look she wants to end up with. We don’t do that,” Ted said. “We look and determine what that jean will look like after she walks down the sidewalk or what she looks like she gets out of her car four times.”

Premium denim is usually sourced out of Japan or Italy and then manufactured any number of places. About 75 percent of the jeans sold at Loop Jean Company are made in the USA. The other 25 percent come from Sweden, Holland, Alberta, Germany or any number of locations.

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