The University of New Mexico Press has just published a new book by David Yetman, a research social scientist for the UA Southwest Center.

"Conflict in Colonial Sonora: Indians, Priests, and Settlers" centers on conflict between American Indians, priests and settlers in the northwestern region of Mexico in the last century. 

"In this study, Yetman, a distinguished scholar of Sonoran history and culture, examines seven separate instances of such conflict, each of which reveals a different perspective on this complicated world," the University of New Mexico Press notes in a description of the book. "Based on extensive archival research, Yetman's account shows how the settlers, due to their persistence in these conflicts, emerged triumphant, with the Jesuits disappearing from the scene and Indians pushed into the background."

Yetman also hosts "In the Americas with David Yetman" and the PBS program, "The Desert Speaks," and is a prolific researcher on issues regarding the state of Sonora as well as its indigenous populations and their history, among  other topics.

In his current book, Yetman examines the history of conflicts and resolutions among and within distinct classes of people in the 17th and 18th centuries.

"This is a brilliant study of the complexities of history in colonial Sonora," said Joe Wilder, director of the Southwest Center, which is housed in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

"By studying the interrelationships among the three main groups – settlers, missionaries and Indians – Yetman develops the real dynamics of a history which is too often portrayed in static and ideological terms," Wilder also said. "Situated between archival  narratives and popular literature, it is deep history at its best. Yetman is an impressive scholar of our region, its past and its multiple legacies."


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