Noam Chomsky, a world-renowned linguist, intellectual and political activist, will be speaking at the UA. "An Evening with Noam Chomsky" will feature a talk on the state of higher education, followed by a question and answer session. Doors open at 6 p.m. for the 7 p.m. lecture.

How do we characterize the contemporary state of the American education system? What happens to the quality of education when public universities become more privatized? Are public universities in danger of being converted into facilities that produce graduates-as-commodities for the job market? What is the role of activism in education? These are questions that Chomsky has been concerned with in recent years. With unprecedented tuition increases and budget struggles occurring across American campuses, these are questions that are more relevant than ever.

The Chomsky lecture kicks off an annual lecture series by the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences - "The People College." The event is co-sponsored by Confluence: Center for Creative Inquiry and supported by many other UA colleges and departments.

Noam Chomsky is an institute professor and a professor emeritus in the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy at Boston's Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Chomsky, who according to "The New York Times" is "arguably the most important intellectual alive," is credited with revolutionizing the field of linguistics by introducing the Chomsky hierarchy, generative grammar and the concept of a universal grammar, which underlies all human speech and is based in the innate structure of the mind/brain.

Over the years, Chomsky has been a profoundly influential voice, lecturing widely and publishing numerous books on U.S. foreign policy, Mideast politics and related subjects.

Notes: Backpacks, cameras or signs will not be allowed into the lecture hall. Parking is available on a pay-per-use basis in the Tyndall Avenue Garage, 880 E. Fourth St.

Admission is free, but seating is first-come, first served.

Date of Event: February 8, 2012
7 p.m.
Audience: All
Audience Size: Very Large (501+)


Campus: Main Campus
Location: Centennial Hall TucsonAZ United States

Contact Info & Links

Department/Unit: College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Contact Person: Lori Harwood
Contact's Phone: (520) 626-3846
Contact's Email:

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