American Idol - The AI special, held Sunday night, was featured on the U.S.S. Midway in San Diego. The Catalina Foothills High School marching band performed on the Midway last year on a special trip, but they aren't the only musicians to hit a high note on this retired military ship. Tons of yellow tickets were handed out, including one to actor Jim Carrey's daughter!

The show returned on Wednesday in gorgeous Aspen and the golden tickets were flying there too. I love the singers who don't conform to the pop music model who take already beautiful songs and make them unique. Luckily, Aspen had no shortage of that.

Glee wasn't on this week as many primetime networks halted their big Tuesday-night shows for the State of the Union speech, knowing they wouldn't get as many viewers. Next week the show's theme is Michael Jackson, as the kids do a tribute to the late King of Pop.

Two new Fox shoes have caught my attention recently: Alcatraz and The Finder. Both are crime dramas, but with completely different directions.

Alcatraz follows a young, blonde, clichéd policewoman who becomes part of a secret organization dedicated to finding Alcatraz escapees. Now, for those who aren't familiar, Alcatraz was a top-security prison located off the coast of San Fransisco in shark-infested waters. The prison held the worst of the worst and, according to the show's creator, J.J. Abrams, the prisoners mysteriously disappeared before the prison was shut down. Now they're reappearing and it's the responsibility of the forgettable detective and her sidekick, Lost's Jorge Garcia, to find them. It's a little dry, in my opinion.

The Finder, an infinitely more likeable show, is part Psych and part Bones. The main character, a quirky ex-soldier turned private eye, is endearing and the supporting cast is fun and inviting. The eccentric-genius-and-serious-but-attractive-cop romance is a cliché in the crime comedy/drama world, this show included, but the characters make me want to watch their inevitably rocky courtship. There's just something fresh about it. I'm excited to see more.

(Editor's Note: Allison Childress is a student at Catalina Foothills High School.)

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