American Idol- The biggest thing on TV this week was the much anticipated season 11 premiere this week. The auditions, which took place in Georgia and Pittsburgh were marked by a surprising amount of fantastic singers.

The usual auditions have a surplus of tone-deaf hopefuls, but at least the first two cities had people who could sing. Most came with stories of overcoming the odds, most notably the last performer in Pittsburgh, who had attempted suicide, and a woman who lived in a tent from the Savannah auditions.

Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson have already shown their weakness for pretty girls, letting through an NBA cheerleader, and awkwardly somewhat inappropriately complementing a 15-year-old girl in front

of her father. There were some crazies, a girl planked, people screamed at the cameras, but nothing nearly as insane as some of the past seasons. Hopefully, we can get a few memorable moments in before the auditions are over.

Coming up, Ido takes auditions to an aircraft carrier in San Diego for Sunday night's show. 

In Modern Family news, Claire has a debate with the town council and

the glorious Internet auto-tunes it... in a very interesting way. Gloria and Jay's dog might be suicidal..... and again, Modern Family hasn't been that great. Here's hoping this season gets better.

Dance Moms- Cathy, the rival dance instructor, returns! In this dramatic episode, Cathy cheats to beat the Abby Lee girls, and their apple themed dance number. Kendall, the newbie, struggles to keep up, which leads me to believe she wont last.

I can't wait for more of this addicting show!


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