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The Doctor Is In: The West Nile Virus, precautions advised

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  • Worldsavior posted at 12:52 pm on Wed, Nov 21, 2012.

    Worldsavior Posts: 1

    Hi Everyone,

    Please know, West Nile virus infection is not only curable, but 100% avoidable. Everybody can avoid it, even if bitten many times by WNV infected mosquitoes. No antiviral vaccines or therapies are needed any more. Kids and adults can rest assured. West Nile and any other killer viruses on Earth (Colds, Flus, AIDS, Dengue, Yosemite, etc.) can be destroyed very easy and people can live their lives as if no viruses of any kind even exist...

    I got the power to save the world from the West Nile and any other killer viruses spread (Causing Epidemics and Pandemics worldwide)... A discovery guarantees what has been dreamed of for more than 200,000 years of humankind on the planet - to possess the Iron Constitution all the time, all your life...

    I call it Immunizer - just a simple exercise, but The Complete Colds/Flus/AIDS/West Nile/Yosemite/Cancers Prevention - normally done for a minute a day for kids and adults as the full prevention of the major plagues of civilization. If done for 2 - 3 minutes a day, the immunizer will guarantee a very fast recovery for those infected by Colds, Flus, AIDS, West Nile, Yosemite, Any other killer viruses and from any types of Cancer...

    Doing it, I stay healthy all the time. For me Cold and Flu Season does not exist. I cannot catch Cold, or the Flu. No way... I wear my summer tees and shorts all the time, even at air temperature of -15C (5F). I guess nobody else on Earth can walk at this winter air temperature clad in summer clothes... (Having ditched the scarves and parkas forever)... I feel like Iron Man, for I got the Iron Constitution...

    Guaranteeing everybody on Earth the Iron Constitution, the immunizer guarantees a considerable Life Extension... Once your body does not have to fight viruses...

    I will disclose my Dream Immunizer (The Deadliest on Earth, The T-Rex Virus Killer and Cancers Preventer and Healer) to everybody in the world, if I am paid 200 Billion US Dollars (or BP) and all of us - kids and adults - will stay absolutely healthy all the time, all our lives, even if we are directly exposed to any possibly existing viruses and cancers on Earth - mutant, deadly and all the like. No killer viruses on Earth got any chance against the tremendous power of the immunizer - they just die the moment they touch you...


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