Darcie Maranich

Darcie Maranich


Summer has officially begun. The calendar might not say so, but I know it’s true because not two days after school let out my seven-year-old son came to me and uttered those three dreaded words: “Mom, I’m bored.” My threat of additional chores to resolve the boredom was only a temporary fix; I also devised a summer bucket list. Our summer bucket list suggests 50 things to do before school resumes. I thought I’d share it here for those of you who are looking for ways to avoid hearing those same three words uttered by your own child(ren). Good luck!

1. Read a classic book.

2. Try a new candy bar in your s’mores.

3. Use sidewalk chalk to create a (temporary) masterpiece.

4. Learn to say hello in five different languages.

5. Visit the zoo.

6. Have a squirt gun war.

7. Take a magnifying glass to the backyard and see what you see.

8. Eat a watermelon Eeggee.

9. Sign up for the summer reading program at the library.

10. Enjoy a picnic dinner at the park.

11. Go geocaching.

12. Develop a secret code language with your friends.

13. Write a letter to a relative and mail it the old-fashioned way (with a stamp).

14. Host a hot dog roast.

15. Visit a splash pad.

16. Make a crazy hat out of household items you already have.

17. Learn a new card game.

18. Write a short story.

19. Watch an 80’s movie.

20. Make pizza from scratch and top it with five unique toppings (peanut butter, anyone?).

21. Use a squirt gun for target practice.

22. Play musical chairs.

23. Take a family bike ride.

24. Sleep under the stars.

25. Set up a lemonade stand.

26. Tally monsoonal rainfall.

27. Fly a kite.

28. Put on a puppet show.

29. Bake cupcakes.

30. Visit a museuem.

31. Take pictures of your favorite stuffed animals.

32. Use aforementioned pictures to make a scrapbook.

33. Join a club.

34. Hike a trail.

35. Start a rock collection.

36. Eat a banana split.

37. Go to the movies.

38. Perform a random act of kindness.

39. Play after-dark freeze tag with glow sticks.

40. Use paper straws and Kool-Aid mix to make homemade pixie sticks.

41. Start a tomato garden.

42. Make a pinwheel.

43. Plan a block party for your neighbors.

44. Play hopscotch.

45. Draw or color pictures for local nursing home residents.

46. Visit Apple Annie’s for fresh summer produce.

47. Blow bubbles.

48. Build a fort.

49. Make a rainbow dinner salad, including an ingredient in every color of the rainbow.

50. Have a checkers tournament.

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