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Such the Spot - A mom's take on a legalized prejudice bill

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John Flanagan

John Flanagan: Excellent take on SB1062. The bill was too broad and subject to abuse, and since a firestorm resulted which affected everything from cancelled conferences in Arizona to a threatened boycott of the Super Bowl, Governor Brewer needed to veto it.
Having acknowledged everyone is against discrimination generally, the actual acceptability of specific forms of discrimination needs a healthy debate.
While gay activists cry fowl over any form of disagreement over same gender marriage, attacking all arguments against it as bigotry, they are not hesitant to use coercion, intimidation, and boycotts against Christian owned business owners (I.e Chick-Fil-A) for merely expressing the religious based conviction that marriage should be only one man and one has been the case for thousands of years. A case for discrimination? Indeed...and coming from the gay activists in a very fascist manner.
In the same light, a beauty contestant expressed her view in favor of traditional marriage on national television, and these views were expressed respectfully....the result....calls for her head by the activists who believe only their opinion matters. What an UnAmerican and repressive approach to respecting other views.
The shelved SB1062 did not resolve the future repression of opposing viewpoints and debate in America. Even corporations today, practicing this form of social tyranny which we Americans are not accustomed to, have jumped on the gay marriage bandwagon, and in doing so, act as enablers to the unjust discrimination tactics gay activists have inflicted on the First Amendment rights of all Americans to speak their peace freely.
America today is no longer a place for free people. It is a place where political correctness and the views of only one side may be articulated. Persecution of conservative and traditional minded Christians has come to our land. Half of the country is opposed to gay marriage. The other half of the country in favor of it feels compelled to tell the other half to sit down and be silent, a very unreasonable option, and one many of us will never accept.

Friday, February 28, 2014, 4:01 pm

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