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Such the Spot - Somewhere between couch potato and adrenaline junkie

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John Flanagan

John Flanagan: The DJ who asked which would one prefer, life without risk, or roller coaster life......well sometimes there is no choice. Some people find themselves on the roller coaster because of their own lack of judgment, or due to the circumstances that a person in their life sort of drags them along. I think most people want security and only enough stress and risk to keep life interesting....but the exceptions to this are in the millions. Some young people skateboard down staircase banisters and fall on concrete to prove their courage. When you see extreme sports exhibitions on private recorders shown on America's Funniest Videos, one has to wonder how much business this brings to orthopedic offices.....quite a bit, I imagine. Swimming with Great White Sharks? Forgetttttttttabout it! I am one who learned that my desire for excitement must always be balanced by "common sense". I learned this early on, when I rode a makeshift cart down "dead man's hill" without brakes and into a telephone pole as a young teen. I was not seriously injured, but enough to remember that risks must be measured. Physical risks may be necessary to save a life, financial risks may be necessary at times, and relationships can also bring risks.......but stupid risks which mean nothing? No way, Jose!

Sunday, August 25, 2013, 7:15 pm

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