Darcie Maranich

Darcie Maranich


In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m sharing a rather humorous conversation that I recently had with a long-distance friend via text (with her permission). I hope you find it as entertaining as I do. While the names have been changed to protect anonymity, the story is completely true.

Friend: So I hate to dump on you but I need prayer. And advice from afar.

Me: Oh no, what is it? PS. You are NEVER dumping on me.

Friend: My pelvic pain? 99% sure I am pregnant. VERY unexpectedly, and dangerously … I have an IUD. I have a doctor’s apt. tomorrow, but I don’t know whether I should tell Adam (editor’s note: Adam is my friend’s husband) or wait until confirmation. Part of me wants share it with him, but part of me feels I shouldn’t because of his already high stress and pain levels.

Me: Oh my goodness. Prayers steadfastly going up, but I’m at a loss on the advice part for the reasons you cited. My first response is yes, tell him. Don’t deprive him the opportunity to be there for you. But I see why you’re hesitant.

Friend: We talked about possibly adopting an older child one day. We say all the time that we are so not into babies, so glad that is behind us. Our medical bills are already insane. Our medical debt is a house payment every month. I am old. I had scary placental abruption with Abby and vowed I would never have another. I know God has got this, truly I do, but I am still freaking on so many levels.

Me: Don’t freak yet. Did you take a test?

Friend: Yes. Faint plus line, but present. Just like all three previous pregnancies :-/

{Insert texted picture of positive pregnancy test here}.

Friend: The thing is…and I realize I am an idiot like a bad TV show…I think I am FAR along, because what inspired me to take the test was that in the middle of the night I think I felt movement.

Me: Oh boy. Okay. Well there is this: if you are pregnant in spite of an IUD, there has to be a good reason. I know that’s not what you want to hear.

Friend: Haha. Isnt’ that the truth?! God is so laughing at me and the plans I made, what I thought I knew.

Me: Can you not get into the doc’s office today?

Friend: He’s out today.

Me: Well, we’ll both be in prayer until tomorrow then. And also? Stay away from Google in the meantime. You’re only going to get yourself worked up!

Friend: Yesterday I started writing a blog post about something similar. The International Down Syndrome Coalition posted about abortion two days ago, and then your blog post yesterday….made me think of when my doc offered me a test last time I was pregnant. I didn’t have it done and he said he and his wife never did either, because they vowed to “love, feed, clothe, and take to church whomever God sent their way”. That’s when I knew I loved him. And yes, I will try not to Google. I have a good doc and I trust him implicitly, so we’ll see what he says.

Me: That’s awesome. And also, I can totally hear God’s voice in what you’ve been reading online. Years from now, you’ll think back to all these little signs and know with certainty why they were sent. Love you!

Friend: Love you, too!

Continued the next day ...

Me: Praying for you today. Let me know how the apt. goes.

Three hours later…

Friend: I am 22 weeks pregnant with TWINS. And I am not even joking.

Me: Oh my heavens. I have no words.

Me: Are you going to be able to carry them?

Friend: He thinks yes. Did a mini ultrasound. Can’t see or fell the IUD so it can’t be removed. I am having a full ultrasound in a couple of hours to get a date. And genders, hopefully.

Me: Oh my good gracious. I just don’t know what to say but for congratulations. Is Adam with you?

Friend: No, he isn’t. I decided to wait and surprise him. Now I am afraid I will give him a stroke.

Me: Oh friend. Heads up: you need to document every step of the way starting now. You’ll have a best seller on your hands!

Two hours later…

Friend: Ok, any gender guesses?

Me: Two more girls?

Friend: Two boys! We had talked about adopting an older boy. Maybe gender will help Adam with the shock. Doc guesses I have at most three months before delivery.

Me: Wow. Talk about a shocker of a day. But ah!!! Yay! You’re going to love mothering boys! Just make sure Adam is sitting down when you deliver the news.

Friend: No kidding. Going to pour him a stiff drink first.

This texted conversation took place two-and-a-half months ago. Mom and (a very shocked) dad are now excitedly awaiting the birth of twin baby boys, due to be a Mother’s Day blessing any day now.

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John Flanagan

Our second child, my only daughter, was conceived while my wife had an IUD. We were also surprised, but never upset about it. It was God's will and that was good enough for us. This woman and her husband will come to realize God is giving them two beautiful little girls, and when they come into the world and enter their lives, it will all be worth it. I think everything will work out fine.

John Flanagan

Guess I should have read the last lines closer. Two boys, not two girls. That's just as good. Their father will happy to have some male company around the house.

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