Logan Burtch-Buus

“The lifestyles of the rich and famous”, celebrities are expected to live somewhat extravagant lives, enjoying the surplus of wealth that their careers have bestowed upon them. The recent success and controversy revolving around Martin Scorsese’s “Wolf of Wall Street” just goes to show that we as the viewing public like to watch stories of excess and wealth and all of the various trappings that go along with being famous. We all enjoy a good story, but when do we stop the excess partying, the never-ending good times that just become the makeup of tabloid covers? Enjoying a good romp on the movie screen or on your television set at home is one thing, but when the stories of celebrities gone wild extends into the real world, someone has to be there to stop them.

Another celebrity seems to be making their way down the long road of public humiliation and degradation, as once teen heart-throb Justin Bieber was arrested at 4 a.m. the morning of Jan. 23 for driving under the influence and drag racing in Miami. To make matters worse, Bieber was pulled over driving a rented yellow Lamborghini. According to local news sources, the singer was being followed by multiple Miami Beach Police Department SUV’s when they took up pursuit. After a chase of “significant distance”, Bieber was apprehended, failed to pass a field sobriety test, and was not in possession of a valid driver’s license.

To make matters even worse for Bieber, members of his entourage and friends were using their personal vehicles to shut down the street. Just like a scene from Fast and Furious, Bieber is trying to live the street racer dream.

This is not the first time Justin Bieber has recently found himself under scrutiny for less than sterling actions. Earlier during his stay, Bieber attended friend Lil Scrappy’s birthday party at the King of Diamonds Gentlemen’s Club. 

According to a representative from the venue, Bieber spent $75K in single dollar bills that night. Stories like this do not come as a shock to many who have watched the pop sensation slowly drop the guile of his innocent youth and try to develop a more machismo persona. 

Working against the image of a new, adult Bieber is an incident that occurred earlier this month which is undergoing investigation. California detectives searched Justin Bieber’s home this month looking for incriminating surveillance footage to serve as possible evidence in the pop star’s involvement in an egging vandalism incident in Oct. that caused a few thousand dollars in damage to the house of one of Bieber’s neighbors. In the process of carrying out the search, the dozen investigators discovered cocaine on one of Bieber’s friends that was in the house. While the man’s name was not immediately released, police did state that the cocaine was in plain sight in Bieber’s house upon the arrival of investigators. 

Egging someone’s house is a dumb decision for anyone of any age. The fact that there were thousands of dollars in damages delivered by a simple egging makes matters even worse. Having that in the minds of your fans is bad enough, but having police find cocaine in your house is a PR move in the worst way. As the shining image he has cultivated over the past few years in the hearts of many a young fan begins to fade, the spotlight will grow ever brighter as we the public scrutinize and analyze every mistake. 

Being famous comes with its benefits, which goes without saying. Being able to put your name on something that the whole world knows and loves is an accomplishment that many aspire to but very few ever come even close to achieving. When someone does get their big break and becomes enormously successful in the world, they have an obligation to not spoil their image to the people who look up to them and want to be like them. Especially in the case of a person like Justin Bieber, who has captivated so many young people, when do we finally say enough is enough?

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