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Chef Gordon Ramsay is known in many households as an ornery man with a sharp tongue and a quick temper, poking and prodding at every instance of dissatisfaction he can find in a kitchen. Ramsay is best known for his shows, Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. Hell's Kitchen places contestants in a team based competition in which the greatest chefs rise to the top while the cooks fall by the wayside. Kitchen Nightmares places Chef Ramsay, who has an astonishing fifteen Michelin Stars, in failing restaurants with the mission to turn the establishments around. Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares have been runaway successes in both The United States and The U.K.

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares aired its season finale last week in a Scottsdale Bakery, Amy’s Baking Company. The episode lived up to the name Kitchen Nightmares to say the least. Difficulties had began for Amy's a few years ago when a man allegedly came in and was unhappy with the food he paid for. The man wrote a review of the restaurant on Yelp, criticizing Amy's. Amy Bouzaglo herself fought back against the reviewer, causing thousands of negative reviews of the establishment to pour in on Yelp and other websites.

The restaurant impressed Ramsay with the cleanliness of the both the dining room and the kitchen as well as homemade pastries. High aspirations were dashed when Ramsay waited over an hour and a half for a meal that was atrociously undercooked and an overall failure. When Ramsay presented the owners with his problems with their food, Amy and her husband Samy fought on every point.

That night's dinner service proved disastrous; food was sent back at nearly every table, employees were verbally abused, and the entire kitchen was shut down in the middle of service. As an ode to his infamous arguments on Hell's Kitchen, things with the Bouzaglo's ignite after dinner. After further difficulties with the operation of Amy's Baking Company and continued difficulties with the owners, Gordon Ramsay left the restaurant all together. This marks the first time Ramsay left a restaurant on Kitchen Nightmares before completing the challenge of assisting the failing restaurant.

Sadly, the troubles caused by Kitchen Nightmares was only the beginning of the storm for the Bouzaglo and their business. The internet has been abuzz with speculation surrounding Amy's; Facebook, Yelp, and Reddit have been awash with discussions of the motivations and the truth of the restaurant. This media buzz pushed the bakery's Facebook to post numerous inflammatory remarks,

"This is the final page I will make. I'm SICK AND TIRED OF YOU REDITS AND YELPERS RUINING EVERYTHING. STOP! JUST STOP! By coming to this page you agree to a legally binding contract to not post derogatory comments or images. IF you're here to do this you can JUST LEAVE NOW! I AM BETTER THAN THIS AND DON'T NEED THIS SHIT FROM YOU NOBODIES! "

This and other posts like it were posted to the Amy's Facebook page, many directed towards events on Kitchen Nightmares. The restaurant's Facebook page has since stated that their Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, and website have all been hacked by "internet haters" and that the FBI is currently investigating into the matter. Response poured in from thousands who have called out the less than moral practices of the bakery, such as taking the tips left for their wait staff. While this seems like the owners of Amy's are distancing themselves from their derogatory remarks, the truth will come out in due time. Amy's has announced that they will be reopening their establishment later this week to give customers the opportunity to judge their food for themselves.

Kitchen Nightmares is an entertaining show that has been known to completely rebuild and revolutionize the way that failing restaurants operate. Most of the success of the restaurants from the show has been isolated to the British series, however. American restaurants featured on Kitchen Nightmares have experienced a surprisingly mediocre success rate in the next year after Ramsay's intervention. Whether or not Amy's will stay open in the coming years is really in the hands of the owners. Amy's Baking Company will reopen this coming Tuesday with limited seating for the event. A short gathering will be held during which people will be able to meet and get to know Saly and Amy. The owners are hoping that this reopening will give the public the opportunity to judge for themselves the quality of Amy's. Next Tuesday night will prove an interesting one indeed for the select few Scottsdale diners who will be attending Amy's reopening. Hell's Kitchen has gained renewed following because of the incident. Those wishing to catch up on Kitchen Nightmares or the British version, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, should look no further than the internet to catch up while the show is on the off-season.

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