The world of the spy and secret agents has intrigued audiences across all media. Dashing men in well-fitted suits fire golden bullets, get the girl, and hopefully save the day. Where there is success, there is often parody in the world of entertainment. We are lucky enough to have a brilliant spy-parody, a rarity in television, with a unique twist.

“Archer” is an animated, half-hour spy comedy set around the misadventures and sometimes successful missions of a secretive spy organization. The show is staged primarily at the headquarters of ISIS, the International Secret Intelligence Service, based in New York City. Even though each of the many characters brings a uniquely riotous blend of comedy to the show, “Archer” is based around the debonair Sterling Archer, or just Archer. Archer is the top agent at ISIS only because his mother owns the organization, and is a blend of repressed college frat boy and alcoholic gun toting super spy.

The show is currently airing its fifth season and this extension will run the show for a sixth and seventh season, potentially ending in 2016 with opportunity for syndication.  Two more years on the network comes with an air of confidence as FX executives boasted about the show’s consistent viewership and massive appeal amongst younger age groups. Many a night has been spent by a teenage boy and his buddies watching through an entire season of “Archer”. Seeing as the show has been one of FX’s cornerstones over the past few years and is one of the highest rated shows on basic cable, this move shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has watched the show progress.

Behind the hilarious show is a fantastic cast of voice actors, without which the show would have no legs on which to stand. H. Jon Benjamin lends his voice to Sterling Archer and has now picked up doing the voice of Bob on “Bob’s Burgers”.  The voice cast also includes Aisha Tyler, Jessica Walter, Chris Parnell, Judy Greer, Amber Nash, Reed and Lucky Yates.

The show’s fifth season has been titled “Archer Vice”, a name that is backed wholly and completely by the events on the show. It does show that viewers love one thing, cocaine and Miami Vice spoofs. The series has already taken Archer and the crew to snow crusted mountains, the African desert, gator infested swamps, and a host of other exotic and often comical locales across the world. With the budget behind operations at ISIS seeming to come from thin air, despite multiple plot lines of budgeting cut-backs, Malory Archer and her rag-tag collective of spies have brought nothing but laughter from viewers for years.

With two more seasons of the show already slated to be aired, it will be interesting to see where the writing staff behind “Archer” will be taking the show next.

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