Fans of the now defunct hit sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” can attest to the fact that though the show was resoundingly successful, it also seemed to wear out its welcome during its final seasons. Some of the story lines became slightly overblown, as if writers were reaching desperately for ideas to carry the story into the next episode. Naturally, a large number of internet bloggers were skeptical when CBS announced that it had given the green light for a spinoff series entitled “How I Met Your Dad”. 

Skepticism aside however, CBS executives have done their homework, and they just may have an ace up their sleeve in the form of their incoming leading actress, Greta Gerwig. 

Gerwig is an indie film fan favorite, possessing a resume filled with loveable performances as girls next door and socially inelegant heroines. The most famous of these characters was her leading role in the instant cult classic “Frances Ha”, where Gerwig plays an awkwardly loveable free spirit who’s foibles and quirks are as cute as a button. The performance was masterful, and earning Gerwig a Golden Globe nomination for best actress. 

In her new upcoming sitcom, Gerwig will channel her inner “Frances” once more in order to play Sally, a young New York woman with a Peter Pan Syndrome-esque inability to grow up. The shows plotline will revolve around Sally’s recounting of events leading up to her failed marriage. 

Given the character archetype, and Gerwig’s prior experience, it would appear that CBS is looking to cash in on its own socially hip and clumsily enchanting female star in a similar vein to Fox’s Zooey Deschanel or NBC’s Tina Fey. 

The mold of a female infectious charmer meets slapstick comic is nothing new to television. It began with Lucille Ball in the 1950’s and stretches across television history and into the present. Gerwig fits perfectly into this circle of leading women.  

What makes Gerwig’s talents extra valuable, however, is the fact that they exceed far beyond that of acting in front of a camera. CBS’s new golden girl is also an accomplished writer, having taken on writing duties for four feature length films, including her magnum opus “Frances Ha”. Gerwig will lend her pen to the story lines of her new sitcom, teaming up with “How I Met Your Mother” lead writer Carter Bays as well as “Saturday Night Live” writer Emily Spivey. 

In addition, Gerwig will be taking on producing duties for the series. This will give the “How I Met Your Dad” just the right hint of authenticity, as Gerwig has succeeded in persuading executives to use New York as the upcoming sitcoms back drop. 

Gerwig has already enraptured the hearts of indie film fanatics, seemingly enticed the interest of NBC executives, and will more than likely win over the rest of the nation with her idiosyncratic likeability. NBC has made the perfect choice in the selection of the multi-talented actress as their next bright star to bring the “How I Met Your Mother” franchise back to television.

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