Hermitage Cat Shelter

Tucson, AZ- The kitties and staff at The Hermitage No Kill Cat Shelter & Sanctuary were paid a very special visit last week by Dr. Elizabeth Berliner and Alison Rose Smith of Cornell University. 

Dr. Berliner, DVM serves as the Janet L. Swanson, Director for Shelter Medicine at Cornell University. Alison Rose Smith is the Development Officer for Alumni Affairs & Development with the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Berliner and Ms. Smith spent their morning on a guided tour of the shelter with Executive Director Sprague, Board Member Dr. Minta Keyes, DVM and facilitator of the newly formed partnership, longtime Hermitage supporter Janet Spadora.

Of particular interest to Dr. Berliner and Ms. Smith was the new surgical suite and kitten nursery. The visit offered thoughtful insight for both guests, as well as the Hermitage staff who were able to gain insight into the Shelter Medicine program at Cornell  and discuss the many challenges faced by shelters throughout the country.

"This visit by Dr. Berliner and Ms. Smith was one of the most meaningful experiences of my tenure at the Hermitage", said Director Sprague. "For each of us to be able to share information openly and ask really relevant questions highlights the importance of great networking opportunities such as these."


Besides showcasing all the new and exciting changes at The Hermitage, Executive Director Sprague provided Dr. Berliner and Ms. Smith with an overview of the many programs and services The Hermitage offers to the feline and human community of Southern Arizona.

The visit to the Hermitage by Berliner and Smith is just the beginning of what Director Sprague hopes will be an ongoing and mutually beneficial partnership with the Shelter Medicine Program at Cornell.






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