dog at Pima animal care center

Around-the-clock every single day of the year, the industrial washer and dryer at Pima Animal Care Center churns away, whittling down the mountain of bedding and towels that must be cleaned in a facility that houses an average of 600 animals a day.

The Center has not had sufficient funding - about $15,000 with installation - for a second set. Pima County Supervisors Chair Sharon Bronson has generously offered to match the community's donations to purchase one.

"We are very grateful to supervisor Bronson for her assistance, since this washer and dryer will help ensure all of our pets have lcean, soft bedding on which to sleep," said Kristin Barney, chief of operations at Pima Animal Care Center.

Supervisor Bronson, a pet lover herself with three rescue cats at home, encouraged the community to help support the community's shelter, which takes every pet in need. "I challenge you to give now to double the impact for our homeless pets, so we can make their stay more comfortable while they're waiting for their new homes."

There are a few ways you can help:

-Donate online. Please choose "general fund" and write "matching campaign" in the text bow below.

-Donate by check. Please be sure to write "matching campaign" in the note field.

-If you can't give money, we can always use gifts of canned pet food or puppy/kitten milk replacer.

-And if you can't donate at all, you can still be a great ambassador! Please let your family and friends know about the great pets we have for adoption and the great adoption specials we feature.

And funds raised above the amount needed for the washer/dryer will be used for canned food and other pet comfort items.

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