Cat survives frostbite, hypothermia
Contributed photo, Storm, a 3-year-old Tabby, suffered hypothermia, frostbite and trauma after spending several hours trapped outside in a cooler. She is available for adoption at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona will not be accepting cats or kittens at the main shelter as we contain a mild outbreak of the Calicivirus. The Calicivirus is a strain of an upper respiratory infection that affects cats only. Although, this is a mild outbreak, this particular virus requires an aggressive approach of isolating, treating and sanitizing.

Cats that have been exposed to the virus can shed the disease for up to 75 days even without showing any signs or symptoms. In order to prevent spreading the disease to more cats, the HSSA will quarantine its cat population for treatment at a separate location. The shelter will not be accepting owner-release , stray cats or kittens for at least 2 to3 weeks until the main facility and offsite locations have been fully sanitized. In addition, the HSSA will not have cats or kittens available for adoption. The HSSA is taking a progressive approach to ensure no healthy cat is euthanized as a result of the Calicivirus.

The public can help by making a donation to assist with the cost of housing, medical treatment and care for these animals. During this 2 to 3 week sanitation processes the public has the alternative option of relinquishing cats to Pima Animal Care Center at 4000 N Silverbell Rd. or continue housing these animals until the HSSA can resume accepting cats.

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s staff appreciates the understanding and cooperation of the public as we work to control this virus.

For all media inquiries call PR lead Samantha Esquivel at 321-3704 ext.177

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