Humane Society blind dog
Humane Society of Southern Arizona

Found as a stray surviving in the sweltering summer heat, Stevie arrived at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona in terrible shape. He was found wandering town with swollen, red eyes and absolutely no vision. To make matters worse, Stevie’s teeth were rotten and falling out. 

Thanks to your generosity, Stevie was able to get the care he needed at the HSSA. Our veterinarians determined Stevie’s poor peepers were irreversibly damaged and painful. Surgery removed his sore eyes, and his teeth were cleaned and fixed. When he awoke, all Stevie wanted was to be held. He went into foster care where he got plenty of rest, reassurance and readjustment. From sad street dog to pampered lap pooch, Stevie demonstrated from the onset he was happy to embrace change and grateful to feel well again.

It didn’t take long for a family in California to see little Stevie on our Facebook page and fall in love. Stevie embarked on a life-changing trip to Lancaster, where he immediately settled in with his beloved canine siblings and human caregivers. He now sends us regular updates on how he’s enjoying the life he’s always deserved! 

Stevie exemplifies just how resilient pets can be. He always keeps his chin up, dances for joy after each meal and soaks up every kind gesture with appreciation. He’s just one of the many remarkable animals we see each day and, thanks to your support, Stevie met his match!

Help us help more pets like Stevie get the care they need and the love they deserve. Please send in your donation today!


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