Knowing how to properly administer First Aid on your pet could make the difference between life and death in an emergency. The Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s Pet Safety &First Aid Class offers the area’s most comprehensive training for both dog and cat owners, blending classroom instruction and hands-on application with animal mannequins.

“We sometimes overlook the importance of knowing basics of pet first aid and the HSSA wants pet owners to be knowledgeable and confident should a life-risking situation arise,” said Samantha Esquivel HSSA’s Public Relations Lead.  

The Pet Safety & First Aid Class will be 1-5 p.m. Friday, April 13, at the Companions for Life Center at 3465 E. Kleindale, around the corner from the main shelter. The class fee is $50.

Participants will learn:

· Emergency First Aid

· How to recognize an emergency without becoming a victim yourself

· What information to collect to assist your veterinarian

· How to administer on a dog or cat

· Abdominal thrust

· Disease prevention

· How to identify: poisons, environmental hazards, predators, abuse, neglect and cruelty

· How to safely handle an animal without getting bitten   

To register for the HSSA Pet Safety & First Aid Class visit or call Inge Koopman-Leyva at 520-321-3704, ext. 142.


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That's great... we get many, many customers that ask for referrals for Pet CPR & First Aid Classes. We sell some amazing Pet First Aid Kits - Dog 1st Aid, Cat 1st Aid, Horse Too, and even though they all come with outstanding and thorough Pet First Aid guides, some people just want the "hands-on" experience (after all, even if one knows human CPR and First Aid, our furry friends' anatomy is quite different.) Offering a class specifically for kids would be brilliant, too - after all, when a family has kids and pets, they are most often found together!


Guy Sana

Thanks - I got three things there... good link

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