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How about………814!

That’s a big number that invites a moment of celebration and huge thanks to the greater Tucson area for opening hearts and homes to pets, like Noel here, who will warm both.

In the first six months of the fiscal year, beginning July 1, that brings our total adoptions up to 4,403.

But despite this achievement, it also should invite pause – that in just one month our community has this kind of a need, especially since this is only what we’re seeing at our center, let alone what other rescue partners are seeing.

In fact, if you count the animals taken out of the shelter by our rescue partners, the number gets even bigger, with 6,139 animals that have a second chance at loving homes.

“We asked the community for help this year with our mission to save more lives and the response has really been overwhelming,” said Kim Janes, Manager of Pima Animal Care Center. “And while we are deeply grateful that there is a growing consciousness about adopting, what we’d ultimately like to see is fewer numbers of pets needing homes in the first place.”

The solution is multi-faceted, Janes noted, but includes a heightened awareness about the need for spaying and neutering pets, as well as having more members of the community think adoption first when adding a pet to their households.

For the month of January, our adoption fees will be set at $30 for all of our animals. Any pet that is a senior or in the shelter for more than two weeks is free! Come see if your new best friend is waiting.

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