On Friday, Dec. 2, I was blessed with my third son, Liam.

Liam is an extremely peaceful baby. He barely makes a peep when he is awake. I expect this to change, but I enjoy the calmness this baby has.

Since Liam was born, I have watched my family's dynamic change; it hasn't been easy but, not as hard as I anticipated.

My 3-year-old loves his brother, but is learning patience. Sharing mommy and daddy for a 3-year-old is hard. I feel it is really good for him.

When we brought Liam home, Hunter, our 13-year-old, was sick and my husband took him to Urgent Care to find out he had strep throat. He had to be quarantined to his room. Last night was the first time he got to hold him, and it was very nice to see how lovingly he stared at his new brother.

It is so funny to watch all the changes that occur in the family when a new child is added.

We have no family here in Arizona, our families are all on the East Coast. Sometimes we enjoy that, but have learned at times like this we miss our family.

We don't have a ton of friends. The ones we do have are true friends that have shown this multiple times throughout this week and we will be forever grateful to those friends.

My father-in-law will be arriving in 10 days and will stay throughout Christmas, guess I need to start doing some shopping, considering 13 days until Christmas.

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