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Gamer's Scoop: Sony’s Playstation 4 being called too popular


It’s hard to imagine a situation in which a videogame console is deemed “too popular”, but it seems as though the Playstation 4 may just have found itself in that situation. North American video gamers may have access to an abundance of consoles, but this doesn’t seem to be true for people across Europe. Sony has announced that they are continuing to struggle with producing enough units to fill the demand for the Playstation 4 all across Europe.

Despite the fact that the console wars ended eight months ago, there continues to be an issue. “We haven’t yet caught up with the initial demand across Europe.” explained Fergal Gara, Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment UK in an interview with TrustedReviews. “We are still dealing with the day one market.” This lack of supply has resulted in some sales losses, the company admits. Gera went on to say that there are many countries across Europe in which PS4 units are selling out on a weekly basis, clearing through supplies before they even hit the shelves.

The stock of PS4’s in the U.K. have been adequate, Gera commented, but consumers in countries like Germany and the Netherlands have been unable to procure consoles because of the extremely high sales, Sony just can’t seem to keep shelves stocked. While Sony has yet to reveal exactly how many units of the console they have sold since the November release last year, many guess the number to be close to a staggering 10 million.

Sales losses aren’t just coming from a lack of stock, however. Microsoft recently announced that they will be offering a new version of the Xbox One without the Kinect apparatus at a price cut. This, coupled with Sony’s inability to consistently put out enough units of their own console has hurt the continued sales of the PS4. Despite this interesting news, Sony is extremely confident in their ability to make up lost ground, "We have spent a lot of time at E3 talking about the plan for Christmas and I think we've got enough exciting content to be able to rekindle that interest."

The PS4’s success can be attributed to a few different factors. The Xbox One suffered a lot of negative attention for some of the initial features and requirements of the console including a required webcam which would potentially give Microsoft an unabated view into the users living room. This controversial feature was eventually removed before launch, as was the required internet connection to use the Xbox One. The controversy seemed enough to draw a lot of gamers away from Microsoft and right into the waiting arms of the Playstation 4.

While no recent sales figures have been given concerning this newest generation of home gaming consoles, we do have the numbers from March to prove the PS4’s dominance. The last official worldwide numbers put the PS4 at 7 million units as of March 31, Xbox One at 5 million shipped , and Wii U at 6.17 million units. It is also important to note that the Wii U was released earlier than the other two consoles, coming out in November of 2012. These numbers also mean that the PS4 was the highest selling video game console for a fifth month in a row.

It will be interesting to see just how long it takes Sony to make up lost ground in Europe and fill the need for consoles. While there is not definitive timeline given by the company, they said they are close to being able to fill day one needs. With a host of fantastic looking titles having been shown at the recently ended Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, there will definitely be a renewed interest in the PS4 this holiday season.