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Wednesday 02/19/2014
Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale chosen for Google Fiber program

Governor Jan Brewer today celebrated the announcement that three cities in Metro Phoenix – Phoenix, Tempe and Scottsdale – have been chosen to participate in the Google Fiber expansion program, which could lead to a potential collaboration bringing fiber-optic cable directly to area residents’ homes.

Metro Phoenix is one of nine new areas selected by Google Fiber for this partnership, a venture that would deliver cable and internet speeds up to 100 times faster than in most American cities – and position Metro Phoenix as one of the most attractive locations in the nation for high-tech companies.

  “This is great news, and further validation of our ongoing work to make Arizona the best state in the country for high-tech companies to do business,” said Governor Brewer.

“More than 1,000 communities have sought this opportunity in the past, so it’s a big deal for Metro Phoenix to receive this opportunity, and it really speaks volumes to have a company such as Google take notice of what our state offers in terms of a business-friendly message and the infrastructure and economic opportunities we have to offer.

“If the effort ultimately moves forward, it will further propel Arizona’s economic comeback, but regardless, it makes Arizona even more attractive to businesses looking to relocate or expand and position Metro Phoenix toward a thriving high-tech future. I welcome Google Fiber’s announcement and look forward to a potential partnership with this stellar company.” said Governor Brewer.


Google Fiber was first introduced in 2010 as part of a Google challenge inviting U.S. cities to apply to become fiber-optic communities. Kansas City is currently the only city operating with a fiber-optic network, with the process underway in Austin and Provo. Beginning this week, Google will work closely with the city leaders on a joint planning process to explore what it would take to build a brand new fiber-optic network capable of delivering these gigabit speeds throughout the area, and soon will begin meetings with Google to discuss what it would take to plan and prepare the city for a fiber project of this scale. 

Google will provide an update on which cities will get Google Fiber by the end of this year.

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Gadget Magnet: Windows XP users: Read this before doing your taxes!

Question: I know Windows XP is about to be retired, but is it safe enough for me to do my taxes or should I upgrade it first? — Ralph

Answer: Your mindset to upgrade your operating system before you start preparing your tax return is a pretty smart approach given the recent warning from Microsoft that Windows XP is six times more likely to be hacked.

Since Windows XP is really old (2001) and after April 8, 2014 will no longer get security updates, you may as well put yourself in a more secure position for something you’re going to have to do anyway.

This is not to say that you can’t do your taxes on a Windows XP system, but since it’s so much easier for hackers to silently slip in, you should make absolutely sure that it’s clean before you start inputting sensitive information.

Making sure any computer running any version of Windows is clean before preparing your taxes is always a good idea, but especially critical for Windows XP users.

If your computer takes forever to startup and randomly gets hung up when you’re surfing around the Internet, these are indications that you have excessive processes running or unnecessary browser add-ons and some of them could be hidden malware.

A well maintained Windows XP system will only have 35-40 processes running after a clean start. You can check this by rebooting your computer and hitting Ctrl-Alt-Del to bring up the Task Manager. You can see how many processes are running by looking in the bottom left corner of the Task Manager window.

If you have more processes running than that, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re infected, but you should have a qualified technical person examine the system to make sure a hidden program is not running in the background.

If hackers can silently gather up your Social Security number and related tax information, not only can they steal your identity, they can file a fraudulent tax return before you do, which you won’t discover until the IRS notifies you that duplicate returns have been filed.

Tax refund-based identity theft is on the rise because criminals can have the fraudulent refund direct deposited into a temporary bank account way before the under-staffed IRS figures out what is going on.

This type of exploit can take advantage of you whether you installed the tax program on your computer or you use the online tax preparation services because it’s just recording your keystrokes.

This malware is known as a key logger and can often evade antivirus programs because it just looks like a regular program that was installed without your knowledge.

It’s a simple way for remote hackers to easily gather the information they need for ID theft during the tax preparation season.

If you’ve ever installed a legitimate program and later discovered a toolbar or other additional programs were installed at the same time, that’s the same process used by key logger programs only they don’t announce their presence.

If you have kids or teenagers that use the same computer that you use for your tax preparation, you should be especially concerned as they tend to be much more willing to install new programs which also increase your chances of hidden malware.

• Ken Colburn is president of Data Doctors Computer Services and host of the Data Doctors Radio Program, noon Saturdays on KTAR 92.3 FM or at www.datadoctors.com/radio. Readers may send questions to evtrib@datadoctors.com.

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Monday 01/27/2014
Gadget Magnet - Data Doctors - Data Doctors: Sniff out ‘keyloggers’ before it’s tax time

Q: Is there an easy way to see if I have a hidden keylogger on my Windows 7 computer before I start doing my taxes? — Don

A: Tax season is what we refer to as ‘Christmas for Hackers’ because they know that lots of us will be typing very sensitive information on our computers to prepare our returns.

There are a number of threats that can compromise your computer, but few are as disconcerting as a keylogger.

If a malicious keylogger can sneak its way into your computer, it sits silently in the background recording every keystroke you make and can send the daily ‘transcript’ to a remote hacker.

Grabbing your valuable data, such as bank credentials, social security numbers and e-mail passwords takes seconds with an automated script.

Keyloggers tend to be fairly sophisticated programs that can masquerade as typical operating system processes, so detecting them can be a little tricky.

A sign that you should have your computer looked at by a knowledgeable person starts with how long it takes your computer to start up. If it’s substantially longer than when it was new, you likely have extra processes running that could include malware.

A quick self-check can be run by opening the Windows Task Manager (right-click on the Taskbar at the bottom to start it) when you first turn your computer on and reviewing the number of processes running.

A well maintained computer will have between 40-50 processes running. If the number is 60, 70 or 80-plus, for a variety of reasons, you should have your computer looked at soon.

Not only will it uncover any potentially hazardous malware, your computer will run significantly better without the extra load.

While you have the Task Manager open, click on the Processes tab and click on the ‘Image Name’ column header to sort the processes alphabetically. Scroll down towards the bottom and look for the ‘winlogon.exe’ process.

There should only be one, so if you see more than one instance of winlogon.exe you should stop using your computer immediately and have it examined.

Unfortunately, many of today’s keyloggers are written to hide from this quick check, so just because you don’t see more than one instance of winlogon.exe, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a keylogger installed.

Another indication that you should be concerned is if your CPU usage meter (click on the Performance tab) is showing a lot of activity even though you just started your computer and you haven’t opened any programs yet.

Your CPU should be idling in the 2-3 percent range with no programs (other than Task Manager) open.

While you are reviewing the performance charts, take a look at the Physical memory usage to see if you need more memory (RAM). If the blue line in the Usage History is half way up or higher, adding more RAM should provide you with a noticeable improvement in speed.

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to computer security, so if you have any indications that your computer isn’t quite right, make sure you have it looked at before you start your tax preparation.=

• Ken Colburn is president of Data Doctors Computer Services and host of the Data Doctors Radio Program, noon Saturdays on KTAR 92.3 FM or at www.datadoctors.com/radio. Readers may send questions to evtrib@datadoctors.com.

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Wednesday 01/08/2014
Apple tops $10 billion in App Store for 2013

Apple on Tuesday announced that customers spent over $10 billion on the App Store in 2013, including over $1 billion in December, when customers downloaded nearly 3 billion apps. December was the most successful month in App Store history, Apple announced.

Apps are more stunning now than ever, Apple officials said, in part because of iOS 7. Domestic and international companies are in on the app craze.

Here are some of the more popular apps:

1. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

If you are on Facebook at all, chances are a Candy Crush playing friend has invited you more than once to challenge them to the brightly colored, cartoon-like game. 

Facebook describes Candy Crush Saga as a candy switching experience. 

“Explore the sweet and colorful world of Candy Crush in this fun candy switcher, where you can mix and match sweets in a combination of three or more, to gain points and other bonuses as you progress! Start your game on Facebook or mobile and seamlessly continue your saga between platforms. Your game play will be fully synched across all devices.”

Just as sweets are addictive, so apparently is Candy Crush Saga, according to The International Business Times.

Download Here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/candy-crush-saga/id553834731?mt=8

2. Minecraft


According to the minecraft.net website, Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. At first, people built structures to protect against nocturnal monsters, but as the game grew, players worked together to create “wonderful, imaginative things.” 

“It can also be about adventuring with friends or watching the sun rise over a blocky ocean. It’s pretty. Brave players battle terrible things in The Nether, which is more scary than pretty. You can also visit a land of mushrooms if it sounds more like your cup of tea,” the website says. 

Download Here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/minecraft-pocket-edition/id479516143?mt=8

3. Heads Up!

Heads Up

Apple described Ellen DeGeneres’ Heads Up as one of 2013’s “surprise hits.”

iTunes.apple.com described it as a “fun and hilarious game from Ellen DeGeneres that she plays on her show, and you can play with your friends! From naming celebrities, to singing, to silly accents -- guess the word on the card that’s on your head from your friends' clues before the timer runs out!”

You can play with one friend or 100. You can play one of the man categories or create your own. You can draw a new card by tilting your phone. 

Download Here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/heads-up!/id623592465?mt=8

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Tuesday 12/10/2013
Gadget Magnet: Data Doctor: Why do I look like a spammer?

Q: I am having an increasing number of emails that are sent from Gmail, not being received and not in their spam folder. If I send it from my Cox address, they receive it. This is very frustrating. Any ideas? — Eileen

A: It sounds like you may be one of the millions of legitimate senders who have become the casualty of the spam wars.

Spammers are getting more creative so it’s getting harder for spam filtering technology to tell the difference between spam and ham (legit messages).

To put it into perspective, most companies that analyze the global spam percentages put the number at 70-plus percent for the current year.

This means the vast majority of messages are spam (seven out of 10) and so it’s almost like your guilty until proven innocent.

Most spam filters use a scoring system to decide whether to mark a message as spam and if your account is deemed to be a regular repeat offender, it gets blacklisted.

Tracking down the exact reason that your Gmail messages aren’t getting through can get very complicated and involves too many entities for you to have much luck filing a report with a particular company.

Let’s start with some basic mistakes that many people make that drives their spam score up.

If you have an email signature that automatically gets added to your messages, make sure there are no images (which can make it look like image spam) or web addresses in the signature.

If you include a web address that has been blacklisted or is on the suspected website list, your spam score will go through the roof.

If your address has been tagged as a “known spammer,” it won’t ever appear in the users spam folder because the message gets filtered by a global filter. The only messages that will appear in your friends spam folder will be messages that the global filter thinks is possibly legit mail.

There are also a whole basket of words that will trigger a high spam score if you use them in the subject line or they appear a lot in the body of the message (checkout Hubspot’s Ulitmate List of Email Spam Trigger Words http://goo.gl/xAmgri).

It’s also possible that your address has been used repeatedly in spoofing scams by spammers, when they falsely use your address as the sender of junk messages.

You can try having your friend send a simple text message to your Gmail account that you reply to; if the reply gets through to them, make sure that your friend tells his or her email program to “always allow mail from this address” and have your address in their address book.

In some cases, your home or business IP address could be the problem because it’s been blacklisted. If you want to see if your IP address is a potential cause, visit the Blacklist Check at What’sMyIPAddress (http://goo.gl/9V0dXT).

If none of those things work, try creating a new Gmail account to see if those messages get through. If they do, your best bet is to transition to the new Gmail account and leave the spam tagged account behind.

You can set Gmail to receive messages from the old account but always reply as the new account (instructions are posted here: http://goo.gl/Nn8UmK) so you don’t miss anything that goes to the old account and everyone will automatically get your new address.

• Ken Colburn is president of Data Doctors Computer Services and host of the Data Doctors Radio Program, noon Saturdays on KTAR 92.3 FM or at www.datadoctors.com/radio. Readers may send questions to evtrib@datadoctors.com.

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Wednesday 09/25/2013
Prime Time Review: Grand Theft Auto V lives up to the hype

ver the past few months, the Internet has been abuzz with anticipation regarding Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V. Last Wednesday marked the release of the long anticipated installment in the Grand Theft Auto series — a series steeped in controversy amongst families, politicians, and even the gaming community. Grand Theft Auto V is the last release in this current generation of video game consoles and Rockstar will not be sending this generation off quietly.

Quite the opposite. The game’s publisher, Take-Two Interactive, announced that the first day’s sales for the game tallied more than $800 million worldwide. This phenomenal figure puts GTA V well past the previous record set by “Call of Duty II” in 2012 of $500 million on release day. Not only does this figure shatter records set by all games, but it blows previous installments in the series clear out of the water. The game’s predecessor, Grand Theft Auto IV, sold 3.6 million copies on its release day in April of 2008 and totaled day one sales of around $310 million. To say the least, the popularity of the Grand Theft Auto series has seemed to grow during the past few years. The game has only been released thus far for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, a release date for the PC is still in the wings, despite numerous online protest groups demanding the PC version of the game as soon as possible. Adding in the potential sales from a release of a PC version of the game and Grand Theft Auto V sits in a class of its own in the gaming world.

This impressive sales report must also be looked at in comparison to how much the game actually cost to make and advertise. Not only is Grand Theft Auto V the fastest selling game of all time, it is, by many reports, the most expensive game ever developed. While the exact numbers are hard to pin down, estimates put the expenses of development and advertising for the project at around $260 million. This shocking cost pales in comparison to the fact that Rockstar, the games developer, is looking at nearly three times return on investment on day one. Once, or if, Rockstar does release the game for the PC, sales will likely push right past the billion marker, a goal that Rockstar was hoping to break within the first month. Even without a PC release, Grand Theft Auto V seems primed to blow right past those once lofty expectations. The high costs of the game have paid off in spades for the developer, landing them in the spotlight of the entire gaming community, something that rarely happens as a result of one release.

Take-Two Interactive’s CEO and Chairman Strauss Zelnick gave this statement regarding the game’s success, “All of us at Take-Two are thrilled with the initial response to Grand Theft Auto V. Once again, the team at Rockstar Games have outdone themselves, setting the entertainment industry’s new standard for creativity, innovation, and excellence.”

The team at Rockstar has definitely pushed the bar even higher for fellow game developers.

Critics and gamers alike are drooling over the release. Calls for “Game of the Decade” have come up more than once on various internet message boards and the like. Not everyone is enthralled with the game, however. As with any Grand Theft Auto release, there is a storm of controversy and outrage at different aspects and moments in the game. Grand Theft Auto V follows in its predecessors’ footsteps; use of racial slurs, violence towards women, sexual situations, it’s all there. Rockstar and Take-Two have yet to release official statements regarding the content in their newest release, but the developer has long backed the creative decisions of the teams behind the Grand Theft Auto series. The criticism and displeasure is expected, not everyone can fit into the target market for a product. As with any Grand Theft Auto release, look in the coming months for cries of outrage at one facet or another of the game.

Despite constant criticism, Rockstar has managed to once again blow away expectations with their newest installment into the Grand Theft Auto series. After a few years’ wait, the fans could not be held at bay. The fan-base turned out in droves to catapult Grand Theft Auto V well past sales records. One last hoorah for the Xbox 360’s and Playstation 3’s that have long accompanied your television sets, or maybe those of your children. Don’t take the game for its media attention, any gamer worth their salt is sure to have this release in their collection.

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Wednesday 09/18/2013
Prime Time Review: New iPhone reveals Apple’s ups and downs?

Over the past 37 years, Apple has transformed itself into a trend-setting and trail-blazing conglomerate of cool. The company’s cream of the crop, the iPhone, has helped not only shape the world of technological gadgets, but also the world of broad entertainment. iPhones have become more than phones and more than computers. The pocket devices have helped pave the way for entirely new avenues of entertainment. It grants users instant access to celebrities, state of the art video games, sporting events, downloadable music, etc. But there is much uncertainty within the post-Steve Jobs era. Questions of whether or not Apple will continue its magic streak of success are looming, and all eyes were on Cupertino on Sept. 10 when Apple held a conference for a special announcement.  

Apple announced the unveiling of its newest addition to the iPhone family, the iPhone 5s. The new gadget capitalized on a few opportunities for improvement, further bridging the gaps for entertainment seekers.

The latest phone’s 64-bit A7 processor is believed to increase the device’s overall speed twofold from that of its predecessor. The faster speed of the 5s will enhance video game play, a perk that Apple was quick to highlight with a demonstration through graphic-filled game Infinity Blade III. The improved speed of the 5s will also help run those hefty programs that slow down performance such as Netflix and YouTube. 

A new Touch ID feature enables the unlocking of the phone through fingerprint recognition. Not only does this keep the phone’s overall usage out of the wrong hands, but it also grants increased security before the purchase of new apps, games, and music.

A state of the art M7 motion chip has also been placed in the 5s. Though the intention of this new chip is to enhance health and fitness apps, one cannot help but speculate that the constant motion tracking may soon pave the way for motion activated video game play in the future.   

In addition, Apple unveiled its more affordable model, the iPhone 5c. The 5c is essentially the iPhone 5, only with a new line of colors and plastic coating that makes the device more economical. The significance of the 5c is that it places the far-reaching possibilities of the iPhone in the hands of a wider range of consumers. 

Despite the fresh and exciting announcements from Apple, much of its clientele was underwhelmed. The 5s failed to wow those looking for the latest and greatest ideas and visions that have become a staple of the Apple business model. The most common complaint with the iPhone 5s is understandable. Consumers want to view movies, read celebrity tweets, watch sporting events, and play video games, all on a larger screen. This time around, Apple failed to capitalize on this demand of the people, which will surely cause them to lose customers to HTC, Samsung, and other competitors. 

In the wake of Apple’s announcement, the company’s stock sank. It would appear that the company is not innovating, and the market is beginning to notice. But Apple may have a few aces up its sleeve. Rumors have been circulating that the company has been hard at work prepping the launch of an iWatch, as well as a television set. Given the current market and consumer anxieties in the post-Jobs era, it may be time for Apple to put these ideas into motion. It may be time to bring out the big guns.

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Thursday 09/12/2013
Here there be monsters: Darkout preview

With PC gaming being a huge platform for more independent games these days, it can be kind of difficult to weed out the good, the bad, and the ugly. Darkout is an independent sandbox style game that has recently been greenlit for distribution on Steam. With its impending wide release however, what makes this game so worth a look over the multitudes of others?

When starting Darkout, the immediate comparisons to games like Minecraft and Terraria are almost impossible to avoid. The game itself carries a lot of similarities in that its core mechanics revolve around resource gathering, exploration, and building. Where Darkout differs however, is its vivid graphics paint a visually arresting landscape that a player finds themselves scavenging to survive.

The world of Darkout is intriguing with 3D models in a two-dimensional side-scrolling area. Its use of neon and dark colors to create a lush forest populated with deadly shadow monsters, paired with the overall lack of traditional sunlight, makes for a somewhat scary experience at first boot up. The game plops the player in a randomized alien planet as the lone survivor of a space shuttle crash. The usual fair of these resource gathering games follows from there: cut down trees, get logs, build a crude shelter, figure out how to pimp it out and become queen of the lands.

Darkout does change things up a bit with having a sci-fi twist to its material gathering humdrum. Players are rewarded for exploration and scavenging via Research points, which can then be used to unlock sophisticated crafting items such as kevlar, plastics, jet packs, and more. It does let off of the difficulty with allowing players to keep all of their inventory items if they die, and the game auto-saves frequently to ensure not too much progress can be lost.

What’s interesting about Darkout is that it doesn’t aim to be completely different, but rather present its own twist on the popular sandbox building genre. It truly is a game that encourages the player to make their own fun (such as finding creative ways to deal with an underground spider infestation as I did), and the atmosphere alone makes it somewhat unique. While it may seem fairly barebones right now compared to other sandbox building games, the developers have stated that they plan to release patches and  even a multiplayer version of the game in the months to come.

It is worth saying that the game in its current form isn’t without its share of bugs on the PC, such as freezing with multiple menus open or getting a character stuck in an action like sleeping. However, these bugs were rectified by simply exiting and re-entering the game.

If you’re a fan of Minecraft or TerrariaDarkout may not be up your alley. However, it serves as a great starting title for those trying out a game in the sandbox-building genre. While it is awaiting distribution on Steam, it can be purchased through GameflyAmazon PC, and other retailers.

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Thursday 08/29/2013
So, this is happening: Nintendo announces 2DS with Oct. 12 release date

Do you find yourself wanting a Nintendo 3DS without the hassle of having to flip the unit open and closed? Want to play 3-D games in glorious 2-D? You’re in luck! Nintendo is releasing the 2DS this October for $129.99.

Also Wednesday, Nintendo dropped a whole bunch of release dates and announced a Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Wii-U bundle available Sept. 20 for $299.99; the game by itself will retail for $49.99 starting Oct. 4 in stores, though you can download it on Sept. 20 when the bundle hits. In fact, if you buy the bundle what you’ll really get is a download code for the game.

In addition to the download, bundle buyers will get a digital copy of Hyrule Historia, the Zelda celebration that’s packed with nostalgic artwork and behind-the-scenes info. I recently picked up the beautiful hardcover edition — it’s worth having if you’re a Zelda fan of any measure.

If you want a Wii U Deluxe set but don’t want the Wind Waker game (you fool!), it’s worth noting that Nintendo is dropping the price to $299.99. But that’s the same price as the Zelda bundle; you get the 32 GB black Wii U console, various hardware stands and the NintendoLand disc.

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Wednesday 08/28/2013
Gadget Magnet - Making new laptops faster

Q: I’ve seen you talking about how hybrid hard drives can boost the performance of an older laptop, but what about getting one in a new laptop? I’ve been looking for a new laptop with a hybrid hard drive and I can’t find any. — Clint

A: Hybrid hard drives have become one of the most popular upgrades we install because it offers a performance boost over traditional hard drives for a small difference in price (a video that shows the performance differences is posted at evtnow.com/5o5)

The real speed demon in the hard drive world is the Solid State Drive (SSD) but they are substantially more expensive than traditional or hybrid hard drives.

The cost per GB is currently about 6 times the price for SSDs, so unless you are prepared to spend $500-$600 on just a hard drive, a hybrid hard drive is the best bang for the buck.

A hybrid hard drive combines a small SSD circuit with a traditional mechanical hard drive with special circuitry that monitors how you use your computer to improve performance.

The programs and data that you use frequently get moved to the SSD circuit and the less used files and programs get stored on the standard hard drive.

Think of it like running in a marathon; they put all of the faster runners at the front of the pack so that slower runners don’t get in the way.

A traditional hard drive stores and accesses data with no recognition of the “faster runners” so everyone lines up wherever they line up and the average times are slower.

The best bet for finding a new laptop that will come with a hybrid hard drive is to find a company that will custom-build the laptop for you. The downside is that your options are limited and it becomes a more complicated process for you if you aren’t very comfortable with all the technical specs.

A better way to approach it is to do what we’ve been doing for our customers: Buy whatever laptop you like from whichever manufacturer you prefer and then swap the drives out afterwards.

This may seem like an unnecessary additional expense, however, if you take the hard drive that came with the computer and put it into an external enclosure, you now have a solid back-up drive to go with your new, faster computer.

Ken Colburn is president of Data Doctors Computer Services and host of the Data Doctors Radio Program, noon Saturdays on KTAR 92.3 FM or at www.datadoctors.com/radio. Readers may send questions to evtrib@datadoctors.com.

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Wednesday 02/19/2014

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