Ten years ago, arena shooters used to reign supreme as the most played online first person shooters. Thousands of people were glued to their computers playing match after match of fast and frenetic gameplay. These games weren’t focused on levels, who had the best gear, or what gun they paid real money for. Instead these games were completely based on skill, and it was up to the player on how well they fared in each game.

For some unknown reason, this style of first person shooter faded into the past along with other great video game genres, but it looks like id Software is trying to revitalize the arena shooter genre with its new game DOOM. The weekend long closed beta gave players a taste of what was to come in DOOM’s online multiplayer mode.

I’m happy to say that the beta was an absolute blast (literally)! Rockets were flying around the map as people exploded into bloody chunks left and right. Players raced to the power up spawns in hopes of getting quad damage or the demon rune to turn the tide of the battle. It was orchestrated chaos that flooded me with nostalgia of playing Unreal Tournament with my friend on his original Xbox. The joys of exploding other players into bits with lasers and rockets is just as fun as it was years ago, and this game brings features from newer games to add even more replay value to it.

This arena shooter features a leveling system that unlocks new “hacks” that work like the burn cards from Titanfall and also unlocks all of the weapons in the game. Loadouts are a feature that has never been seen in an arena shooter before, and I have mixed feelings on this. In the past, arena shooters started everyone off with the same mediocre weapon and the players had to go out and find the powerful weapons scattered around the map. This game allows people to spawn with whatever they want which ruins the fun of picking up and fighting over spawned power weapons. It also means that most people choose to spawn with a rocket which makes fights fun and chaotic, but I worry the fun of exploding people with rockets over and over could dull the enjoyment that it held in the past. Before it was so much fun because you had to go out and hunt for the rocket spawn so when you did finally get the chance to blow someone up with it, it was very rewarding.

The game is going to be launching with a ridiculously priced $40 season pass that will include maps and more weapons. This pricey content will make it so that most of the online community will not be playing on the paid maps because people do not want to spend $100 just to be able to play all of the content that should have been included with the game.

Many people are complaining that this game is too much like Halo or Call of Duty, but the feel of it is completely different from those games so I’m not sure what they mean. Hopefully, this doesn’t lose its online community as quickly as Battlefront or Titanfall or we definitely won’t see a sequel no matter how much fun the campaign is.


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