Erin Brittain Before and After

Well, the challenge is officially over. I cannot believe how fast the year went! I have really enjoyed seeing the transformation in my body, and in my eating habits. I have made a lifestyle change for life! I feel so good, that I will never go back to my old ways. I want to encourage anyone who is struggling with getting fit and healthy. Just give yourself a year and do it! Commit to exercising and eating healthy and find some accountability. Give a gift to yourself and get a trainer, even if it is to just get started. Join a gym and get ideas from those working out around you. Get your spouse or a friend to join you. I never imagined how good I would feel, and after a year, working out is not easy but definitely more enjoyable.

I think Catherine and I both showed that if a mother of 7 running a busy household, and a mother of two, finishing school and getting a job and running a busy household can do it, so can you. If you make it a priority, you will find that you DO actually have time to exercise. Get out there and do it!

Here are my ending stats: 74 pounds lost, 53.75 inches lost, 8 sizes down in clothes, and over 20 % body fat lost. I still have about 25 pounds to lose to hit my goal of 100 pounds so I will keep marching on...

Thank you Mike, Gail and family at Anytime Fitness, thank you Zach, the most awesome and tough trainer, thank you Catherine for such a motivating example. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Erin Brittain

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