Catherine Reynolds

Catherine Reynolds

I was not lying when I said graduation held so much promise for me. I have seen amazing advances in myself since having the freedom of a couple extra hours in the day. I have managed to get in to the gym every single day since graduation and have managed to shave some pounds off. But the kicker…I fit into my shorts that I haven’t worn for two years! Even better, I weighed ten pounds less when I used to wear them, proof that I’ve gained quite a bit of muscle!

On another note, it’s been awhile since I ran. I’ve been doing other cardio exercises but my heart lies with the treadmill. So, I have been walking on the treadmill at a swift pace and substantial incline. My heart rate jumps just as much and I get off the treadmill equally sweaty. But it just wasn’t the same so I decided to try running again. Success!! I’m back to running a 5k pretty much everyday and often wish I could go further if I didn’t have other appointments and chores to tend to. I’ve felt my legs start to retighten, and my calves are looking good!

Thing I learned this week: It feels really good to get into a healthy routine. You even start to feel like you are in a competition where you are the winner everytime!

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