Sara Summers

Hello readers and fellow dieters!

Well this week was a tough one as well as a awesome one. My fiance` and I as well as members of his family, mom dad and isas Nina and Tia Jia all came to surprise Isa on her fifth birthday at......wait for it......DISNEYLAND!!!! We had a great time for four days on the beach and in the parks and guess what everyone ...I fit in all the rides! Even those tiny kids rides that was so important to my daughter that I was with her! I walked all over that land of happiness for HOURS!

My feet were killing me, my calves were throbbing and the blisters were developing personalities. So to say the least I didn't search out an Anytime fitness that was in Anaheim and my diet wasn't up to the standards I have been holding myself to.

So no Tim the greek god trainer for four days, and on top of that I came down with the plauge.....ok just a really bad cold but I was miserable and I missed a few more workouts. Im dreading stepping on the scale again, sort of escaped reality while I was in Disneyland with my daughter and family, however im back in Tucson and ready to dominate that scale again!

Till next week!

Wishing you ibuprofen and Bengay!

Sara Summers

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