Erin Brittain

Well, I survived 2 weddings and a week's vacation. I was able to stay active in San Diego with jogging, bike riding, kayaking, and lots of walking. Of course with the cool wind in my face and the beautiful view of the ocean, it was not too difficult! It was inspiring to see all the people out exercising. I did have to ask myself though, "don't you people have jobs?" I guess most of them are vacationing like me. I was able to eat healthy also. I brought my big bag of spinach leaves, already cooked and cut up chicken breast, and my low calorie dressing. I had to use that as my meal quite a bit. We were able to eat in because we had a kitchen so that helped. But, one night my mother-in-law made fried tacos. I was glad to have my salad ready to go! At this point I think I would throw up if I ate fried tacos. I am happy to say that I did not gain any weight on this vacation!

With that said, I came back to a very hard session with Zach. He killed my legs and I could barely walk on Tuesday. He decided to up my level on the elliptical this week, and I had a very tough upper body workout Thursday. Whew, I had no idea taking a week off would result in such extreme soreness when I got back. I am groaning every time I have to sit sown or stand up! I am ready to get back into it and finish the second half of this year well. I still have 40-50 pounds to lose.


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