Erin Brittain

Erin Brittain

Well, I survived the mud run and lived to tell about it. The obstacles were fun, but the running part was difficult. It was for a good cause and it made my boys and husband happy that I did it. I realized though, that I will not sign up for another run until I am consistently running that far in the gym. I had only run a quarter of a mile at a time in the gym, so 2-3 miles was a bit of a stretch for me! I still can't believe I am running at all! I ran the run with a friend who's 'fast walk' is my 'run' and a few times she said, "Come on Erin, let's run!" To that I replied, "I am running!"

I continue to enjoy my tough workouts, and even being sore. It means I am making progress. The scale has slowed down a bit, so we are tweaking my food to try to get that metabolism back up there. I am still losing inches though, so I am not discouraged. Plus, I am sticking to my healthy eating and not cheating. Still waiting for my first "cheat meal". Zach is being tough on that one. He says maybe once I hit the 40 pound loss mark, he'll allow that. Until then I continue on with lean meats, fruits & veggies & lots of protein.

I hit a milestone this week. One day I had been home all day caring for my very sick 4 yr old, then made a trip to the urgent care, and got home and settled him to bed at about 8:30 pm. That is when I would usually turn to some good comfort food. But instead I asked my husband if he minded if I go to the gym to exercise. In my stress, I turned to exercise instead of food! That is miraculous!


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