Catherine Reynolds

Catherine Reynolds

Let the training begin! The gym has decided to hold a decathalon to determine the gym’s “Greatest Athlete” and I have decided to join in. The event consists of 10 different challenges spread out over two days. Planks, situps, pullups, box jumps, sprints…here we go!

I’m starting to focus my training a little more to focus on endurance and speed in these events. I know that I can do any of these, a stark difference from when I started back in December. Here is my one concern: I am 29 and therefore must compete against the 20 year olds!

I mentioned this concern to my trainer. He didn’t seem worried about it and joked that there wasn’t much difference between 20 and 29. My reply? There’s a two child difference!

Thing I learned this week: A little competition never hurt!

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