Sara Summers

Sara Summers

Hello readers and fellow pursuing healthy lifers!

Today was a much better week workout wise and food, I was nak in my routine getting to the gym and working out with Achilles cousin Tim the

trainer as well as my fellow contestant Jesse who has turned into a major inspiration to me, he is unstoppable! Tim said it best that Jesse is "powerhouse". When I wanted to throw my medicine ball at Tim he would just tell me not to give up this was easy!

As much as it hurts I adore Tim for pushing as hard as he does, despite the sore muscles and well....more sore muscle I know that each wince an struggle is one Step closer to my goal, I didn't lose any weight this week however I feel better, my coworkers and some family have noticed a difference ...yay!

Till next week wishing you durable shoes and ice packs!

Sara Summers


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