HELLO SORENESS!!! This week was a tough week for me physically. I was so sore after onday's workout that I could barely walk for 3 days! I told Zach, "I guess that was oo many squats for me!" His reply was "Never!" See what I have to put up with? I am ery glad he is pushing me, but it was very tough to go to my next session when I as still sore. A funny moment happened when I was sitting down and my phone rang nd it was far away. I got up ever so slowly and tenderly and started my funny ooking sore walk to go get it. My oldest son yelled, "Run Mom!" and laughed as he aid it as he knew I could not even come close to a run! The whole family was making un of me at that point and they all agreed they were glad it was a phone call and not a child running into danger! By the way, a 'sore walk' looks something like ampregnancy waddle and it is not a pretty sight!

I started a new activity at the gym. It is boxing. Yes, me - boxing! Don't try too hard to picture it! The gym got a new punching bag and gloves. I really like it and it is a good workout and I felt muscles I had never felt before. My elbow tendonitis was acting up and I could not box one session this week but I hope to get back to it next week. It surely is not a very feminine activity. I had sweat flying off my forehead and couldn't wipe it off because I had boxing gloves on! I am afraid to ask what will be next! Next week will be 4 months into this journey. I am so thankful

for this opportunity and motivated to keep going!

Erin Brittain

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