Catherine Reynolds Before and After

Catherine Reynolds – Week 48

As this week comes to a close, I am rounding off my third full week of my more intensive training schedule. Steve swore that I was going to be hating him right about this time, but actually it’s the opposite.

I’m really enjoying this new routine. I run about a mile for warm-up, then proceed to 30-45 minutes of strength training focusing on a particular muscle group, then round it off with a little more cardio. Cardio for me almost always equates to running but that is only because I really enjoy it!

Overall, I am definitely feeling stronger and leaner. I can actually feel my hip bones more than I used to! And, when working my arms, I definitely have more tone than I did before. I’ve had a couple people comment on how good my arms are looking and it’s such a great feeling.

With that comes the realization that I have had a real shift in my attitude toward working out and taking care of my body. Since my free membership will be ending soon, I haven’t even thought about if I was going to continue my membership. Of course I am. There is no question. Paying a gym membership before was considered a “luxury expense,” something I could always make the excuse for that it wasn’t in my budget. Budget has nothing to do with it now. It’s a matter of your health and well-being, just like the food you put in your body, or your visits to the doctor. It’s just the way it is.

Thing I learned this week: I am very comfortable (and elated) with my lifestyle!

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