Erin Brittain

Erin Brittain

I did it! I hit the 50 pound mark! I am so excited about it and very motivated to keep going and lose another 50! Although Zach said this morning that after 30 more pounds he thinks I will probably like how I look and feel. We shall see where I am at in 3-4 months and if I want to keep losing pounds or just maintaining and gaining strength. Sometimes I feel like this is a dream too good to be true.

I have wanted this for so long and not been able to attain it. I honestly cannot believe what I am able to do in the gym. I cannot believe my almost 40 year old body is in good shape. When my birthday comes in a few months, I will be in better shape than I have been in 20 years!

I hope this motivates anyone out there who is doubting. I thought this was unattainable, out of my reach, never going to happen. If this out-of-shape, weak, 100 pounds overweight Mom of 7 can do it, so can you! It is worth the investment. I would suggest joining a gym and getting a personal trainer, at least at the beginning.


That is what I attribute my success to. High accountability, someone weighing you in weekly, nutritional support and limitations, and a good place to go workout will set you up for success. On that note, I am off for a vacation. I will update again in 2 weeks.


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