Catherine Reynolds Before and After

Catherine Reynolds – Week 50

I started a new job this week which is forcing me to change my normal workout routine, and it’s really thrown me off. It’s amazing how a consistent schedule can really have a strong positive effect on your workouts.

For a while now, it has been second nature for me to head into the gym right after the kids start school in the morning. I can spend an hour or hour and a half and not have to worry about rushing off anywhere else. I even started blocking out this time for myself; I purposely did not schedule appointments or anything else because this was an important “appointment” for me. But I think that’s what helped to make me consistent. I had to look at it as a set appointment, not an optional thing to fit into my schedule.

Now, however, my schedule is completely changed and I have been going in to the gym at about 5am. What I find amazing though is that I am actually doing it! There were many times this past year, some not too long ago, when I would hear the alarm go off, and simply ignore it. But not now! Sometimes it’s the small victories that indicate big successes!

Thing I learned this week: Consistency can do a lot for your routine.

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