Erin Brittain

Erin Brittain

Well, it has officially been two months since I started with this fitness challenge.

It has definitely been challenging, but fun too. I am down 25 pounds and am feeling better. I am making gains in the gym and getting stronger and improving my cardio.

Zach has stepped up my workouts, and they continue to increase in number sets and intensity. Sometimes I just look at him and think, "you want my body to do what?"

But in the end, he knows best and he knows that I can do more than I think can. It actually feels good to come out of a workout session, knowing that I have pushed my body to it's limits. It also feels good to be eating healthy. I was so excited that this week I realized that I no longer struggle daily with the "munchies". I do not crave chips anymore unless I see them. I no longer think about them when they are tucked away in the cupboard! I am starting to enjoy thinking of creative healthy options. My taste buds are beginning to like things that I have hated for years. (It is amazing what tastes "sweet" when you are not eating sugar!) All this in only two months! I get excited to think about the changes I will have made in a year from now. As always, I am so very thankful for this opportunity, for Anytime Fitness, for Zach my trainer, and for supportive family and friends.






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Hi Erin, it's Karen West. I am soo impressed with your progress already! You go girl!! I can't wait to follow you all the way to total success. You are an inspiration to many, including me (in so many ways, really!).

Keep it up! You win no matter what!

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