Sara Summers

Sara Summers

Hello fellow dieters!

Well I made my goal and I am sprinting for 30 seconds at a 6.2! Go me! I am quite proud of myself but I am already finding ways to push myself even harder, for cardio on the treadmill I usually walk for 5 minutes then do the 30 second Sprint intervals till I reach 15 min my new goal is to sprint intervals for 16 minutes and increase a minute every other day also increasing the max speed. I am confident I can achieve this goal. Im glad I am also setting other fitness goals and not just focused on the weight loss, there are so many other things that are milestones in the pursuit of a better life

So I want to remind everyone that achieving your goals should be more well rounded, set goals for yourselves that isn't just written loss don't forget the exercise goals and inches. Can't wait to work out with Tim on Wednesday I've missed his workouts and his insane ability to push me harder than I've ever been pushed!

Wishing you bright shoe laces and a will to push yourself farther and further!

Sara Summers

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