Catherine Reynolds works out with the help of trainer Steve Dooley at the Oro Valley Anytime Fitness gym.

Randy Metcalf/The Explorer

Catherine Reynolds – Week 15

Today, let’s talk about my husband. He is a fantastic guy. Handsome, good with the kids, great provider, but secretly, he has a small spot reserved on my bad list. It’s not his fault; I blame it on genetics. Those stinking genetics.

He’s the type that could eat two In N Out Double Doubles, a shake, and the fries, then look at me 20 minutes later and say he’s hungry. Amazingly, he retains nothing from these meals and manages to keep a leaner profile. Me, on the other hand, I look at his Double Double wrapper and immediately need to go put on sweat pants. I am in awe of his ability to process foods. And to top it off, in the eight years we have been together, I have never seen him do any type of organized exercise. Yes, he has a very physical job and is far from a couch potato, but lift weights, never. But, if I dare him to do fingertip pull-ups in the door frame, he can still knock them out.

That being said, it is hard for him to understand the difficulty engrained in this challenge. Exercise is one thing but changing your diet can be something that makes or breaks you. For me, eating is emotional. Stress warrants eating, celebration eating, sad eating, happy eating. You name it, food should be involved.

Today, though, I have to hand it to my husband. During a tear-filled, angry, venting phone call to him I announced I was going to go get ice cream then go home and sit on the couch. He calmly said, “Why don’t you go take twenty minutes and go do your arm workout first?” And with that, I pulled up at the gym and there was no ice cream in sight.

Things I learned this week: 1) Even though he may not have dieting experience, he may be aware of different ways to handle difficult dieting situations. 2) Maybe a short workout is all you need to get you out of your mood.

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