Erin Brittain

Erin Brittain

Another week into this journey. I was sore again this week and could not walk without feeling pain in every muscle in my legs-for 3 days! The day after my tough workout session with Zach, I was getting ready to go into the gym and my son asked, "Mom, how are you going to do the elliptical if you can't even walk?!" I thought"good question! I have no idea!" But somehow my body managed and I did it.

I am gearing up to run a 2 mile "mud run" at my boys' school tomorrow. I am very excited because it is something I would have NEVER done! It is a fundraiser, and since I have been training for 2 months, I decided to give it a shot. My boys think it is very funny. I just hope to finish! I'll let you know how it went if I live to tell the story.

Congrats to the other contestants. Everyone is doing so well! It is very motivating to read the blogs and know that I am not alone in this difficult journey. I know we will all continue to work very hard - our trainers would have it no other way!


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