Catherine Reynolds - Anytime Fitness Oro Valley

Catherine Reynolds works out with the help of trainer Steve Dooley at the Oro Valley Anytime Fitness gym.

Randy Metcalf/The Explorer

Steve, my trainer, is always telling me that my success is all about consistency. I discovered that this week in more of a negative reinforcement kind of way.

My week started out spending a few days out of town with family, going to baseball games, celebrations, and fun outings. I did my best to avoid the mac and cheese smothered hot dogs, pizza and wings, and ice cream. In fact, I stayed away from all of that and ordered turkey sandwiches and roasted chicken instead(VICTORY in and of itself!). However, with all of the hullabaloo, I found myself pushing off exercise.

Exercise consistency has been difficult recently due to my children being at home for summer and the unavailability of daycare and my husband’s long work hours. But, I see hope in my very near future. Yesterday I was offered a Monday through Friday job that would allow my husband to leave work earlier to take over some of the evening child-watching duties. This means, when I get off at 5, I can head straight to the gym on my way home.

Thing I learned this week: 1) Maybe a little setback is useful in helping you to refocus and come up with a new plan. 2) Not eating that mac and cheese hotdog feels a lot better long term than eating it would have short term ☺

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