Sara Summers

Sara Summers

Man do I hate running! The only way that I can get myself to hop on that treadmill and start the running palooza is to think of Tara Costa from Biggest Loser running a marathon and not stopping till she finishes, so I have decided to set a goal for myself to run a full marathon! Of course I plan to build up to that big ol marathon with 5k and half marathons. Good plan yeah? Look for my updates cause I will be making sure you all feel that motivation to join me to build up some endurance and inspire other overweight folks out there to walk or jog or full out sprint!

So for the technical updates I am about 3 pounds away from loosing 20 lbs total! It is a big milestone proving to myself that I can make it to my fairly big goal that is looming in front of me. I've got a wedding dress to fit into March 9th 2013 and I plan on looking Damn good!

Have you ever not been able to sleep because your brain wont turn off? I had that happen and I decided if I run myself silly then I could finally fall asleep! What is awesome about Anytime Fitness is that it is 24hours seven days a week so if I want to work out at three am it is open to me! I have a crazy work with different times and places so a gym like Anytime Fitness is so perfect for me.

My trainer Tim is also such a big inspiration and support I don't what I would do, we are now down to only seeing him once a week, I kind of feel like bambi taking his first wobbly steps on his own but im getting better and remembering what Tim has taught me

So readers I wish you Aleve and a comfortable bike seat!

Sara Summers

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