Catherine Reynolds

Catherine Reynolds

Week 9 has been a battle between my mind and my body. I am trying to remain committed and really engage myself during my workouts, but my body is fatigued and ready for a break. Slowly, I can feel the "devil" of my body convincing the "angel" of my mind to come to the dark side.

I have found the new workout Steve made for me to be extremely difficult. Additionally, the combination of running plus circuit has made my quads scream out in rebellion. Within five squats of my workout, they were shaking and giving way on me, making a successful workout nearly impossible.

I took my two rest days off in a row to try to rejuvenate my body but instead my mind was brought down as well. On Monday, I decided to talk with Mike, the owner of the Anytime Fitness at Oracle and Magee. I am so lucky to have him as a resource during the times that I struggle. He reminded me that we all need a period of both physical and mental rejuvenation; this was my time and that is okay. He reminded me that while I may not be seeing "Biggest Loser" changes, I have lost 25% of my weight loss goal in just two months! And, he reminded me that I have worked very hard and that I deserve to enjoy myself.

With that, I begin a new approach. On those days that I feel stressed and unwilling, I will try something new instead of my "assignment." Also, yoga is a great way to relax, distress, and regain some perspective.

Things I learned this week: 1) I have done a great job so far. 2) Variety can really help in reigniting your enthusiasm. 3) Mike is awesome!



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