John Miller

John Miller

Hello, Fitness Fans! I am back to jogging regularly, for the first time in years.

On Sunday, I will enter the 5K Sun Run!

I take inspiration from comedian Drew Carey, who recently lost 80 pounds. His secret: daily exercise, not just 3 times per week. And, better nutrition, coupled

with lots of drinking water! Drew began exercising each day, for up to 60 minutes on a treadmill or elliptical machine. His diet changed drastically, to fruits and vegetables. Even his snacks became apples, grapes or sugar-free popsicles.

Drew also entered 5K and 10 K road races. The result: Drew Carey went from 262 pounds to around 185! He is ecstatic now about his health, and has even stopped taken diabetes medicine. Drew says the healthy diet and exercise has saved his life!

Stay healthy, my friends! John Miller


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